Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Room Pics!

I haven't slept in 3 days.  It's kind of a funny story.  The first day was totally my fault, I had to take a placement test for my study abroad program and it took wayyyyy longer than expected.  The second night I got food poisoning and ended up missing my morning flight back to Boston so I took a red eye and didn't sleep last night either.  I think I might be getting delirious.

So I missed blogging yesterday :( and I only have a tiny post today because I'm moving in my new apartment and I have a ridiculous amount of stuff.  Like insane.  Anyways, here's a snapshot of what I'm doing in my new room.  It's square with a little bay window area, and my bed fits into this like wall nook.  I didn't want to spend the cash to get a real headboard, so I got this $30 decal from Etsy.  I love it because it adds a lot of drama and glamour, but it's so cheap and easy to put up.  My color scheme is pink, black and white, and I'm painting the walls a light pink but leaving this little nook off-white.  I got the chandelier decal at Target a year ago and re-used it (totally still sticks!) and the poster is from Etsy.

And I got my chair from eBay!  It was just about $100 with shipping and totally worth it.  It goes with my theme and color scheme and it's so much cuter and more comfy than a computer chair or desk chair.  I got it to sit at my 'desk'.  I say 'desk' because it's really a table I'm going to use to watch movies at and do my makeup at. 

I'm painting my room and spray-painting some of my furniture tomorrow so hopefully I've have more pictures for y'all!



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