Monday, June 20, 2011

DIY Room Decorating!

Ha.  So I sat down on Friday and Thursday to blog...and I literally fell asleep on my computer.  Like lights out, Mike Tyson just gave me a right hook passed out.  Why?  Because I have an hour and a half (each way, haha) commute in the morning and I have to get up at 6AM so when I get home at 6ish I am like zombie-Megan.  Blah.  So that was totally my bad.  I'm sorry.  I really just wanted to sleep.  For like 100 years.  But on the plus side I did some productive things this weekend, some of which you'll see below.

Bop Basics The Fiance Blazer, $198 at, Nixon Oversized Chrono Watch, $500 at In theory, I was going to buy a blazer for work.  In theory.  In reality I got lazy.  But in theory I want a blazer like this one.  I'm not the kind of person to wear a serious, fitted blazer (at least not till law school y'all), and boyfriend blazers are the cute alternative.  This is a great option because it has contrasting inner lining for a little sass, a high enough button to create a flattering shape, and the perfect mixture of slouchy and tailored.  I'd put it over a girly dress with some gladiator sandals.  I'm not a watch person, but OMGIWANTTHISWATCH.  I love that it's kind of masculine in shape, but the tortoiseshell is super girly and chic.  I love the giant, oversized face and the calendar faces, and IWANTITTTTTT.  It would be adorable with a really feminine outfit, like a little sundress and big sunglasses.

So I am stupid, and I didn't take a picture of my ugly nightstand before I prettified it this weekend.  But I did take a picture of the matching dresser.  Imagine that but shorter and skinnier, and voila (the dresser is getting a makeover this coming weekend).  Now, there was nothing wrong with the side table.  It didn't make snide comments at me or anything like that.  But it did clash with my room theme.  So I got a little DIY on it.  First I sanded it down with a medium-grade sandpaper to rough up the surface, since it's probably not real wood and it was covered in varnish.  Then I took off the previous knobs, and did 1 coat of black glossy spray paint.  I let that dry (it took about 24 hours, if you do it inside like I did, put something on the floor and open ALL THE WINDOWS.  For serious.) and then I put on the new knobs.  The top and bottom knobs were like $3 on sale at Anthropologie, the middle one is from eBay.  Long story short: spray paint and new hardware are great for pieces that you are okay with the general shape of, but hate the look and finish of.  I paid probably $30 for that dresser, $10 for the knobs and $10 for the spray paint and sand paper, so I basically got that for $50.  It looks SO much better, and I actually like it now, so success!

Also my mom sent me this shelving thing from my room at home.  I got it at the Container Store about 6 years ago, and it's still in great condition.  It's about 5 feet tall, with shelves over a foot deep and tall and four shelves (not including stuff you can put on top).  I highly recommend buying this shelving unit.  It's basic enough to go with a lot of different room themes, but it still has enough of a visual twist to not be boring.

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