Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Etsy Wants

Oh, Etsy.  How I love thee.  If you're looking for cheap but interesting art to decorate your walls with, Etsy is the best place.  All of these prints are under $25, and they're all so quirky and chic and would add so much character to any room.  Here are some favorites!  And a random mirror.

Chanel No. 5 Print by 8by10, $25 at, Chanel Print by birdAve, $20 at I will buy any and every print with a Chanel perfume bottle on it, but this one is particularly pretty with the grey/white color palette and the little heart instead of the A in Chanel.  I'd do a series of three of these in antiqued silver frames in a dressing room/walk-in closet.  This second print is so chic,  You have the pink and the girly concept of the perfume bottle but then the execution is on the industrial, edgy side.

Coffee Isn't A Drug It's A Vitamin Print by birdAve, $20 at, When Life Gives You Lemons Find Someone Who Has Vodka And Throw A Party Print, $20 at This is my life mantra.  I don't drink coffee for the caffeine, I drink it for all the nutrients.  Obviously.  I love these hilariously sassy prints.  The blocked out everyday objects are a little Warhol, and the witty quotes that it to a whole other level.  I could cover my room in these.  The quote on the lemon print? ADORABLE.  I'd put that one up in the kitchen.

If You Haven't Got Anything Nice To Say About Anybody Come Sit By Me print by birdAve, $20 at, Rococo Inspired Tabletop Mirror, $29.95 at This chair print is my favorite.  I would love it for the cute chair alone, because it's totally my style, and then the lavender makes me love it even more, but the quote printed on it--LOVE.  Fits my personality, it's so quirky and adorable, and I want to buy it and frame it and hang it in my room right now.  How awesome and cheap is this mirror?  It's not actual mirror, it's some sort of laser cut reflective surface but it works like a mirror and it looks amazingly rococo.  I'd put it on a vanity and do my makeup in it in the morning--it adds such a fun splash of glam to the dreaded morning hours.

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