Friday, June 24, 2011

Everyday Jewelry

First off, this dress is totally unrelated to the rest of the post.  It's the Honky Tonk dress by Lucy in Disguise, $230 at, and Lucy in Disguise is actually a brand done by Lily Allen.  Apparently she's had a clothing store for a while and just recently came out with a line of vintage-inspired dresses.  This has me written all over it.  I love the western, kitschy print on the simple, retro silhouette.  I'd do it with a masculine, brown leather belt, girly wedges, and a little cropped cardigan.  Adorbs.

What I'm actually going to talk about today is jewelry.  I know I talk about statement pieces all the time, because they're fun, but the pieces I actually end up wearing every day are little, versatile pieces, not big flashy things.  I've worn the same pair of earrings basically everyday for the last 18 months.  When you buy a piece that's wearable and easy to style around, so you can wear it a lot, the cost per wear goes down to virtually nothing.  The cost per wear of my earrings is like 15 cents.  That's awesome.  So here are some pieces that you can literally wear day after day that will go with everything.

Shashi One Row Original Bracelet, $62 at, Shashi Petit Indian Danna Earrings, $40 at I wear the same Tiffany's bracelet all day, everyday.  It's one of the really cheesy, Return to Tiffany's bracelets that I got in like 10th grade.  I love it, but another (slightly more, ahem, on-trend) and affordable option is this Shashi bracelet.  The woven black cord has a nice, rustic feeling, the rose-gold beads add some understated glamour, and the crystals give it just the right amount of flash.  It gives a casual, spontaneous feel to a cocktail dress and a bit of polish to jeans and a tee.  You could actually not take it off.  These earrings are SUPER tiny in real life.  They're basically posts with the smallest little dangling charms.  I love that idea, because you get the lightness and delicateness of a post, but the fun movement of a dangling earring.  Even though the pearl is glass, the gold is real, so they have a really luxe feel to them.

Viv & Ingrid 14K Gold Posts with Ruby--July, $190 at, Juliet & Company Champagne Pearl Stud Earrings, $20 at My birthstone is ruby!  That's why I picked these.  Viv & Ingrid makes birthstone post earrings for every month.  They make adorable birthday presents, and they have the real stones, but they are discrete enough to be worn every day.  I love jewelry with little personal connections like that.  Last but not least, if you're a pearl girl, these fake, oversized pearl studs are fab.  The pinkish hue is really flattering, and the fact that they're kind of giant (for pearls at least) make them a little ironic.  I can't bring myself to wear pearls without some sort of irony, and this is a really affordable and cute way to do that.

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