Monday, June 6, 2011


So I'm flying back to Boston tomorrow morning (disturbingly early), and as always instead of just deciding what I'm going to wear and take on the plane I have to blog about it.  Obviously.  So here's what I'd like to wear and take on the plane tomorrow!

7 For All Mankind Gwenevere Jeans, $133 at, Victoria's Secret Cut-Out Shoulder Tee, $34.50 at My eternal plane dilemma is that I want to be cute, but I also want to be comfy (who doesn't?).  I love these jeans.  They're high-waisted and super stretchy, so they're really comfortable and eliminate all incidences of muffin toppage, but they're also a nice, thick denim in a dark wash, so they look very clean and sleek.  So you feel like you're wearing pajamas, but you look like a real person.  Which is always a win.  On top, I love this shoulder cut-out Victoria's Secret tee.  It's a little oversized, but not too baggy, and the deep neckline and shoulder cut-outs balance out the relaxed fit nicely.  I'd do it in black, so it's a little more formal.  The dark jeans and black tee work really well together, and you end up looking polished but you're still comfy.

Frye Taylor Harness Boots, $378 at, Emi-Jay Summer Hair Ties, $10.99 at I'm not one of those people who's okay with looking schlumpy on a plane.  You never know who you're gonna see.  Totally saw Katie Holmes on a plane a few years ago.  Actually she looked pretty blah, but you get my point.  I love doing boots on the plane.  My feet get really cold, but I don't like wearing Uggs or slipper-shoes in public.  Boots are great because they keep your feet warm, but not too warm, and they instantly make you seem more dressed up.  These dark brown boots are absolutely gorgeous, and the cowboy twist adds a fun, Western vibe to the outfit.  The skinny jeans are perfect, because they'll easily tuck into these skinny boots, and the little heel is so adorable.  I have boots like these and that tiny heel is not only really comfy but totally adds some sass to your walk.  Which is always helpful when you have to be at the airport at 6AM.  Which I have to do tomorrow.  So excited.  Sometimes my hair gets kind of silly on the plane, or it gets all in my face and I want to take a nap, which is when hair ties come in handy.  I hate the skinny little elastic ties that leave lines in your hair, though.  That's why these Emi-Jay ties are great.  They come in fun colors, they double as bracelets, and they won't leave lines in your hair!

Vanessa Mooney Buddha Amulet Necklace, $40 at, True Blood Season 3, $29.99 at You don't want to do a ton of jewelry on a flight (just for the sake of getting through security), but I do like to do one thing to add a little pizazz to my outfit.  This Buddha necklace is fab.  It's a good price, the gold works nicely with the black tee, and the big pendant has gorgeous detailing.  It adds a lot of visual interest to the overall outfit with minimal effort (and I love me some minimal effort).  As for on flight entertainment, I just got True Blood Season 3 and I want to spend the whole flight watching the special features.  Mainly the episode commentaries.  So funny.  Virgin America has outlets on the flight to charge your laptop, so you can watch movies the whole time!

Foley + Corinna City Tote, $485 at, Vitalicious VitaTops Muffins in Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip: When you're flying, you need a bag big enough to hold your laptop, all your snacks, books, magazines, toys, etc, etc.  I have the smaller version of this bag, and it is THE BEST.  I've had it for about five years, and it wears so well.  This version is giant, and can literally fit your laptop + your entire life, and the gorgeous black leather adds a richness to any outfit.  Plus it has a lot of handy pockets to store all your goodies, and a handy-dandy shoulder strap.  As for snacks, these VitaTops are my new favorite snacks (don't mock me until you try them!).  They're muffin tops--literally the tops of muffins--and they come in a ton of great flavors, like fudgy peanut butter chip, corn muffin, pumpkin spice, deep chocolate, etc, etc.  But the best part is that they're large and only 100 calories, plus full of fiber so they keep you full for hours.  Take 2 of these on the plane with you and you're good for the whole flight, plus you don't end up binging on the in-flight snacks.

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