Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review: Orly Terracotta

It was really cold today.  And my feet hurt.  So I had to buy myself pink nail polish.  It makes sense in my head.  I've been having a staring contest with Orly Terracotta for a while now, and today I snapped.

Orly Terracotta Nail Polish, $4 at amazon.com: Terracotta is a pinky-red coral neon.  This stuff is bright.  In comparison with my other neon, Essie's Pink Parka, Terracotta is darker and more saturated.  It's definitely not a Terracotta color though (when I think of Terracotta I think of orangey-brown with a hint of red), but it walks the line between pink and coral nicely and has a nice amount of punch.  It fills a gap in my nail polish collection because I have pinks and I have corals but I didn't have bright pinky-corals.  Hurrah!

As far as application goes, it is a neon--I should know this by now--so it has more of a matte finish.  It's not as matte as Essie's Pink Parka, which is straight up 100% matte, but it only has a slight sheen.  The plus side of that is that it dries pretty quickly, but the downside is that it does drag and can go on streaky.  One coat of top coat and a steady application with fix that problem right up!  I can't comment on wear time yet since I just put it on literally an hour ago, but it looks so good.  It's fun and bright and girly and just a little ridiculous while still being wearable.

The formula is thin but workable, and nicely pigmented.  It's a bit of a jelly, so it's on the sheerer side of pigmented and it has that squishy look on the nail.  It also has no shimmer, glitter, pearl, anything.  I love coral jellys because they feel so light and fresh and tropical--like guava juice!

Awkward Chic Rating A-: Taking a few points off for the matte-ness and difficulty of application, the color is great and I trust Orly's durability.

Images via hairtrade.com.

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