Monday, March 14, 2011

Sundresses and Snow

So it snowed today.  In the middle of March.  It snowed.  It's positively uncivilized.  It was 75 at home today.  Come on, Boston.  Get with the program.  So in my theoretical world where I can control the weather and it was lovely and 70 degrees and sunny today I would have worn this:

Charlotte Ronson Tiered Floral Mini Dress, $315 at I love this because it's sweet, it's a light chiffon that flows nicely, and the shape is flattering with its cinched-in waist while still being fun and feminine and flirty.  The slightly assymetrical hem gives it a fun, rebellious twist, and the neutral floral print keeps it all from being too sweet.  I'd wear it with a boyish brown leather belt and and short, sassy boots.

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