Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fyrinnae Te Amo and New Toys

I had a super stressful week last week, and then over the weekend I got a package from glowyjoeybunny AKA my new favorite person of all time.  She sent me some lovely perfume samples that I'll be reviewing later, and then Fyrinnae's Te Amo eyeshadow, which I've totally been craving for ever.  For those of you that don't know Fyrinnae, it's a small indie make up company run by two adorable guys and famous for its fantastically shimmery loose eye shadows.  They're about $5 a pop, and when you see the size of the pots you'll feel like you got ripped off.  However, I've had one shadow (Rapunzel Had Extensions, absolutely gorgeous) that I wear as a base every day, and have for the last 6 months, and I haven't even used up a quarter of the pot.  So they're an amazing value.

ANYWAYS, Te Amo is basically the best thing ever.  Fyrinnae describes it as glowing iridescent copper highlight.  I wouldn't call it a highlight.  To me it's more of a dusty taupe with this amazing copper shimmer running through it.

This color is SO hard to photograph nicely.  Fyrinnae has better shots on the website.  It's just the perfect color because it's light enough to be a base lid shade if you're doing a darker look, or it's deep enough to use as a crease shade for a more natural look.  Inside it comes across as a nice, neutral taupe, but when you step into the sunlight it becomes this fiery copper that brings out the green in my hazel eyes wonderfully.  Basically I love it.  So: THANK YOU JOEY.  Because I want to marry this color and how versatile but fun it is.  Also everyone should follow Joey on Twitter (@glowyjoeybunny) because she's hilarious.

In other news, I gots me an iPhone over the weekend because my Blackberry decided to off itself (except like actually).  Like my background?  Marie Antoinette FTW.  Anyways, I thought it'd be useful for other Blackberry peeps if I did a little review/comparison of the two phones.  I am by no means a techie, but if you're an average person looking to switch from a Blackberry to an iPhone this might be helpful.

The biggest criticism I heard about iPhones was battery life.  My Blackberry Tour would last me maybe 12 hours, sometimes 10, before it died.  The iPhone lasts just as long or longer, so that hasn't been a problem for me.  There's definitely a learning curve switching between the two phones, but I think the iPhone is a little more user friendly.  The only issues I've had with it are that you can't mark texts as unread (so if I forget that I'm texting you, blame the phone!  Not me), and even though I can get Facebook notifications/Twitter notifications/emails when I'm out and about, I can't always read them when I'm not in a WiFi network.  It's not a huge deal for me, but if I was in a corporate setting I'd want something that was more reliable in different environments.

But on the plus's an iPhone.  It's really cool.  The camera is AMAZING, the video chat function is amazing, the apps are amazing, I can text on it much more easily than I expected, and I can even watch my Netflix instant on it for free.  So overall I love it, even though I'm constantly paranoid about dropping it.

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  1. Aw I'm so thrilled you love the eyeshadow =) You are the sweetest!! xoxo



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