Friday, March 25, 2011

Amanda Seyfried for Elle

Oh Friday.  How I love you.  Today is all about pretty things (when is this blog not about pretty things?).  Oh, but before I forget, there's a Zoya promo that ends this Sunday where you can get two of the polishes from their two new summer collections (Sunshine, Mod Matte, and Summertime) for $10 with shipping.  Two polishes with shipping is usually at least twice that much, so it's a pretty good deal.  I picked up Areej, a soft muted cool fuschia pink, and Kimmy, a gleaming metallic candy apple red with gold sparkle--love me some glitter.

How to Dress for Success by Edith Head, $19.95 at I love Edith Head.  I worship her work.  She was the costume designer for To Catch a Thief, Funny Face, Roman Holiday, Sabrina, All About Eve, Sunset Boulevard, and Sting (along with like a million other films).  She's won more Oscars than any other woman ever (8) and had 35 nominations.  So she knows what she's doing.  Here's an adorable reprinting of her personal style book, How to Dress for Success.  I haven't read it, but I love retro fashion advice, and it's really easy and fun to see what kind of advice is timeless and still works today (and if it worked then and works now it's probably worth following).

"In Like a Lamb," Amanda Seyfried for Elle April, shot by Alexei Hay.  I love this photoshoot.  I wish magazines would stop doing the 'pretty young starlet posing with farm animals' cliche, but given that she just did Red Riding Hood I guess it makes a bit of sense.  Although that movie was downright horrible.  Amanda was great, but it was like a hackneyed version of Twilight with absolutely no chemistry between the two leads and negative character development.  Ugh.  But anyways, Amanda Seyfried looks fabulous here.  I love the simple hair against the strong makeup, and the McQueen vibe of all the clothes, and her eyes--omg.  I just watched Veronica Mars, which she was in right after Mean Girls, and damn, this girl is talented.  Also annoyingly pretty.

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