Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Faves

Oof, it's been a long week.  Time to look at some pretty things, no?

Rebecca  Taylor Tiered Matte-Silk Maxi Dress, $345 at, YSL Belle D'Opium, $89 for 3 oz. at This first one is wishful thinking, seeing as it was about 20 degrees yesterday.  Cry.  Maxi skirts are going to/have been big for a while, and while that skirt does absolutely nothing for my body type.  Maxi dresses, however, manage to be a bit more flattering with the cinched in waists and fitted tops.  I love the vibrant purple hue of this one, and the matte finish of the silk gives it such an interestingly luxurious and exotic vibe.  I want this perfume, if only for the bottle and the fact that the UK outlawed the commercials with a girl randomly dancing around because they simulated opium use.  Really UK?  Having finally watched Skins, I can say that their standards are wack, because that show is CRAZY.  Anyways, this perfume has notes of peach, white pepper, casablanca lily, jasmine, incense, resins, and sandalwood.  I really wanted to like the original Opium, but it was a big too strong and old-fashioned for me.  This, on the other hand, sounds absolutely lovely, just the right mixture of sexy and fresh.

Acne Breeze Top, $300 at, Club Monaco Olivia Skirt, $149 at First off, this is definitely a dress and not a top.  But second off, I love dresses like this.  It's all cute and cozy from the front and then BAM, turn around and it's crazy sexy and offbeat.  I've never shopped at Club Monaco, but how adorable is that skirt?  It's a beige chiffon with sewn-on rhinestones, the perfect combination of modern, feminine, elegant, and whimsical.  I'd do this with a sheerish white tee and a ton of jewelry.

Have a happy weekend y'all!

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  1. Totally want Opium as well

    Michael Jackson used to wear the men version haha!!



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