Monday, March 7, 2011

New Wardrobe Staple

I did something for the first time today.  I bought a backup of a pair of jeans.  I know.  I've never bought 2 of the same pair of jeans before because I've always had some sort of small problem that keeps me from repurchasing.  But with this pair...nothing.  No problems.  And they're a pair of skinny jeans!  It's like the world is ending.

7 For Mankind Gwenevere in Antoinette Darling, $189 at, J. Crew Lace-Stripe Tissue Tee, $58 at I picked up another pair of these 7s on eBay.  If you're like me and you love designer jeans but not the price tag, I can't recommend eBay enough.  I got this pair for over $100 off.  The key is finding out what size in a brand and what cut fits you, and then you can buy a pair from that brand with trying them on.  Success!  What I love about these jeans is that they're stretchy enough to be comfy but thick enough to be supportive, the dark wash is flattering, the high rise doesn't cut into my hip...padding, and the skinny leg works really well with boots.  These are my new wardrobe staple.  I legit wear them every day.  Today I'd like to pair them with a cute-with-a-twist tee, like this lace paneled one from J. Crew.  The slight sheerness gives it a hint of interest, and the off-white hue is very flattering.  I like to do a slightly more voluminous top with a skinnier jean like this pair to balance everything out.

Frye Carmen Short Harness Boots, $298 at, LOT78 Siouxie Leather Biker Jacket, $860 at I've been wearing those jeans with these boots non-stop.  I heart them.  They've already been re-soled.  The cute, cropped width of the boot works nicely with the skinniness of the jeans, and I love the sassy, western attitude juxtaposed with the sweet girliness of the tee.  To play off that contrast even more, I'd do a cropped leather jacket on top.  When I do a roomier top I like to do a cropped jacket to add some structure and remind the world that I have a waist.  Plus skinny jeans and a leather jacket is just the cutest, Audrey Hepburn gone bad combination.

Ray-Ban Outsider Oversized Wayfarers, $139 at, J. Crew Oval Heirloom Locket Necklace, $50 at Yup, just to push the Audrey Hepburn comparison over the edge I'd add a pair of oversized Wayfarers.  The tortoiseshell is sweetly retro, the shape is very '50s chic, and the oversized nature gives them a fun, celeb-hiding-from-the-paparazzi twist.  Last but not least I'd do a vintagey-locket necklace to add a little visual weight to the lacey shirt and a fun bit of bling.

If only I owned all of these things.  Sigh.

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