Thursday, March 10, 2011

Alexander McQueen Fall 2011

I know everyone was waiting for the McQueen show this weekend with baited breath, as it's the first McQueen show designed entirely by Sarah Burton, the new designer behind McQueen.  I think she proved that she is as much part of the brand's DNA as anyone could ever be after McQueen himself.  The series of white dresses at the end did nothing to assuage the rumors that she's designing Kate Middleton's wedding gown (which could possibly be the best thing ever).

The zipper detail on that white skirt is just shutting it down.  And that jacket looks like it's about to take flight!  In the best possible way.  I need some of those leather leggings and those fabulous platform shoes.  The combination of textures between the tweedy top and the furry, tactile skirt is so unexpected but so right somehow.

I want this vest to wear in the cold here and I want it now.  The giant fur hood is very glam Eskimo, the leather biker shorts are very Hells Angels, and the shoes and gloves so dominatrix, but all together it manages to work somehow.  How elegant is this white dress?  The sleeves just float so perfectly, and the slit detailing in the skirt gives it a fun, younger twist.

The skirt on this first dress is so fascinating, like folded origami paper.  The neck ruff is very Elizabethan, but the dress still looks so modern and unexpected.  I adore this second gown.  The bodice is like shattered china pieced back together and the skirt is just waves and waves of tiny, intricate folds that flow away from the body so majestically.

Dear Kate Middleton: wear this first dress to your wedding next month.  Kthanks.  The cut of the bodice is so fragile and elegant, and the overall shape is so simple, but the detail and texture and appliques give it such an alien, ethereal quality.  It really is from another world.  And I just love the combination of bondage and chiffon in this second dress.  Who else could make chiffon look tough and intimidating?  That dusty lavender hue is just gorgeous.

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