Monday, February 22, 2010

London Fashion Week Round-up #1

London Fashion Week is still going strong--it's like every time I check there are 20 new shows up. At least the economy is forcing most shows to be a bit shorter, or I would honestly be losing my mind. Which I may have done already. djhsd;fljh;ldsjh;sldhj.

Matthew Williamson, Julien Macdonald, Julien Macdonald: All I have to say is: pretty. Matthew Williamson proves once again that long-sleeved shirts under little party dresses actually has momentum as a trend, and it can look pretty darn chic. It would be a really great way to winterize summer dresses (!), and the furry circle scarf ties into that perfectly. Julien Macdonald's show was absolutely full of lovely this season. That white coat reminds me of the fur-trimmed coats at the Marc Jacobs show, but with a knitwear twist. I love the combination of the oversized knit and the glam fur trim, all done in winter white. Who wouldn't want to bundle up in that? It's an outfit all in itself. And don't even get me started on his lingerie-inspired gowns. He takes the half-gown silhouette that we've seen before (namely at Balmain and Dior), but makes it look soft and romantic. The play between nude and black (navy?) is stunning, and the way those sleeves seamlessly frame her shoulders is just ridiculous. It's polished, it's chic, it's organic, and it's modern. Love.

Clements Ribeiro, Vivienne Westwood Red Label, Topshop Unique: There's something so quirky, '70s cat lady about this Clements Ribeiro look, and yet I totally love it. The cutout floral print on that cardigan is absolutely drool-worthy. The mustard color definitely ties into the '70s trend, and it's a great way to do a versatile statement piece. I'm not usually a huge Vivienne Westwood fan, but this look is so well-styled (although I could do without the tights). The fitted, floral dress with its play on sheerness and the flowing, striped jacket work so well together--the cuts and silhouettes play off each other perfectly, and the since the florals are clearly the dominant print and the color palette is muted, it doesn't clash or look overwhelming. Topshop Unique really stepped it up this year. Their vision of these almost feral, savage British country girls was really compelling, and touched on a ton of trends we've been seeing both this season and last. First off, the adorable hats totally made the outfits. So quirky. But what I really love is that coat. The toggle coat is very Ali McGraw in Love Story (very '70s), but the addition of the almost wild looking shearling gives it an uncontrolled, carefree vibe that really livens up the classic cut.

Mark Fast, Mary Katrantzou, Kinder Aggugini: Mark Fast is always reliable for open knit, elastic dresses. And he definitely delivered on that promise (although not much else). I like his dresses as a casual alternative to an Herve Leger bandage dress. They're a little edgier and a little more nonchalant than polished, but I think you could get a ton of wear out of them by layering different colored tank dresses underneath. The print on this Mary Katrantzou dress is so awesome. I can see a neckruff, a cup, jewelry, stripes, and a ton more that I can't identify. The trompe l'oeil effect is really witty, and I love the combination of the old school items in her print with the modern cut. Last but not least, the Kinder Aggugini dress. It looks like a simple, ballerina meets peasant girl dress, but the minute pleating and fuzzy texture of that top layer take it into a more modern, offbeat place. It stands on its own really well, but I also think it could be accessorized/layered up for a fun going-out look, or dressed down for a casual, but chic, daytime ensemble.

According to we're going to have rain/snow (aka SLUSH aka KILL ME) for the next 8 days. EIGHT DAYS. GAH. So I wanted to look extra adorable today to make up for the fact that I'll be living in a raincoat and rain boots for the next week. I'm starting to wear through all my jeans--literally--so I pulled out a floral dress I got for $5 at a flea market, threw on some tights, a Coach belt, and my Frye boots, and topped it all off with an Alexander Wang for Gap blazer. I like the contrast between the lightness of the dress and the heavier accessories, and the menswearish blazers adds a balancing, masculine element and works nicely as a coat/trench hybrid thing.

Juicy Couture Fleece Double Breasted Blazer, $148 at, Madewell Georgette Flutter Dress, $135 at, Frye Melissa Button Boots in Cognac, $298 at For a similar look, I'd start with this double breasted Juicy Couture blazer. Since it's fleece, it'll actually be warm and comfy, the grey is a refreshing alternative to black or khaki, and the double breasted cut works really well when paired with girlier pieces. This dress is the perfect romantic counterpoint to the mens officewear blazer, and I love the contrast between the weights of the two fabrics--the thickness of the blazer and the light, flowing fabric of the dress. The boots add a lovely earthy element to the outfit, and the warm brown is a nice contrast to the coolness of the grey.

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