Monday, February 8, 2010

I Can Has Pretty?

So we're tweaking with the layout a bit, but we'll figure out things eventually, we promise. To get you guys through these tumultuous times, I've compiled a post full of pretty things (sadly low on lolspeak, however. Just in case the title got you excited).

Obviously, Lara Stone = gorgeous. Givenchy makeup = gorgeous. Jak and Jil photography = gorgeous. What else is there to say?

I absolutely love the mixture of textures going on here--the fur against the spotted tights and textured heels. And that this girl is pulling all of that off on a bike. Serious props.

Again, Dree Hemingway = gorge. But I'm really loving the way she's tucked her skirt in her, with just the tail hanging out and a teensy bit of skin flashing at the hip. It's a clever way to feminize a men's shirt.

J. Crew Duchess Stone Cocktail Ring, $65 at, Watercolor Potpourri Mini, $68 at, French Sailor Halter Tank, $82 at I'm all about statement rings, especially ones that look like oversized engagement rings, where the 'diamond' has gotten so big that it's moved beyond confusing and all the way into amazing. How chic is the print on that skirt? It looks like a watercolor, Pop Art, Impressionist take on a floral print, and I'm loving it. It hits the right balance between old school fit and modern print, and the color palette is just bright enough. I'm hard to please when it comes to swimsuits. You want something flattering and fun, but not so fun that it's not wearable. This one-piece manages to not show too much skin but still be sexy, and it references the whole nautical theme in a subtle, cute way. The flash of white at the top keeps all those stripes from being overwhelming and spices it up a bit.

J. Crew Thicket Floral French Top, $56 at, and bottoms, $54 at, Halston Heritage Sequin Folded Clutch, $195 at, Moschino Crepe Pearl-Embellished Skirt, $895 at I'm a self-admitted ditsy floral print addict (anything that references a Liberty print has me on board), and when you combine that with a bikini, tiny ruffles, and bows, well...I die. It's over-the-top girly, but all that skin showing keeps it from being too twee. I think fold-over clutches are a really fantastic idea. It looks like a clutch, but you get twice the storage. Why don't more clutches do this? The contrast between the practicality of the shape and the industrial nature of the zippers works so well against the inherent glamour of all those black sequins, and come on, it's Halston. I'm torn between liking and loving this Moschino skirt. The pearl decoration is a little awkward, but also a witty commentary on the 'pencil skirt and pearls' ensembles. The black is easy to work with, and the embellishment pretty much negates the need for jewelry. Nevermind. I love it. Especially how Net-A-Porter styled it.

Vosges Chocolates Caramel Toffee/Caramel Marshmallows, $13 for 4 pieces at Don't these make your mouth water? Just a little? They're fluffy marshmallows covered in caramel, sprinkled with sea salt, dipped in dark chocolate, and then sprinkled with caramel toffee crumbles. I'm drooling just writing this. Yes, they're expensive, but I feel like these are the kind of things where you can only eat one or two at a time, which sort of justifies the price.

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