Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fly By Night

I just joined a sorority and so I've been crazy, crazy busy, and yes, the posting has suffered a bit and I'm really, really sorry. So to make it up to you guys I'm posting my new favorite editorial (you can just scroll down to it now, I won't be offended), and some other exciting/pretty things.

MAC Lipglass in Purple Rage, Lavender Wind, Hush Hush Rose, Electric Fuschia, and Cultureclash. MAC Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach. MAC just released their Spring Color Forecast collections, and first off, wow that's a lot of purple, and second off, me want these things. I've been toying with the idea of a purple lipgloss for a while now, and I think Lavender Wind might be the perfect segue-way into that more daring lipcolor (this coming from a girl who wears lipgloss maybe twice a week). It adds just a touch of blue to cool down your natural lip color and a hint of lilacy shimmer. Interesting, but very wearable. I'm also crushing on the lipglasses in Cultureclash, a milky pink with silver sparkles, and Electric Fuschia, a bright fuschia magenta with tons of purpley shimmer. Cultureclash is totally in my comfort zone of pale pink, sparkly lipglosses (I seriously have 5, and they're all the same color), and Electric Fuschia is such an in your face dose of hot pink. I'm a fan of all things ombre, and I'm going crazy over the idea of ombre blush. I know the ombre effect kind of dies when you apply it, but it looks so pretty in the pan and I think multi-colored blushes add more dimension to the face. Ripe Peach is a wearable peachy-orange with subtle shimmer, but it also comes in a cool-toned pink, a purple, and Springshine, a slightly shimmery neutral bronzer.

To follow up "Video Phone," Beyonce's insanely terrible new song/music video, Lady Gaga is having Beyonce co-star in her music video for Telephone (coincedence? I think not). All I know so far is that Beyonce rescues Gaga from prison and they wear insanely hilarious things and drive a yellow car with flames on it, but that's enough to convince me of its awesomeness.

W Magazine spread, "Fly By Night," photographed by Craig McDean and styled by Alex White. This is plastered all over my walls right now. I literally ripped out every page. I love this spread so much. The post-apocalyptic princess thing is pretty big right now, thanks to Rodarte, and this is an interesting, sweeter take on it. The clothes themselves are adorable in a slightly Lolita-esque way, but the hair/makeup and the setting add a whole other level of broken down, almost psychotic glamour. Obviously I'm all over it. Enjoy!

Image Sources:
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  1. Everyone needs to own at least one blue or purple gloss at one pint in your life. LOL.
    Dude, what's with the models and no eyebrows. I have been seeing this a lot lately. It looks so strange. Like they all have Alopecia and forgot to stencil their brows on after they put on their wigs!

  2. Agreed. And purple's my favorite color so that's happening for sure :)

    OMG so not a fan of the eyebrowlessness. I get that models are basically a different species, but this really makes them look like aliens.



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