Tuesday, February 23, 2010

London Fashion Week Round-up #2 and Waxing Poetic

London Fashion Week is slowly coming to an end (so short!) and all the important peoples are quickly flying off to Milan. But I'm still here covering LFW as Style.com puts it up, so here goes round-up #600 million.

Marios Schwab, Pringle of Scotland, Paul Smith Women: Apparently Marios Schwab was inspired by nuns outfits (as seen in The Sound of Music), but I can't see any nun wearing this little number. The austerity of the neckline against the slightly sassiness of the cutaway hem, and the way the trim frames the bodice is a really interesting study of contrasts. I really love what they did with cashmere at Pringle of Scotland. According to Style.com, they used a water-soluble type of yarn that dissolved in perfect, tiny geometric squares for these open-knit, sheer/opaque sweaters that are so, so drool-worthy. How lovely is this Paul Smith look? There's something so ballerina meets Vermeer painting meets '50s sockhop about it. It's very soft and retro, but the color palette is so modern by way of the '70s.

All Erdem: This Erdem jacket is sick. The cut is military jacket meets classic trench, which is very on-trend, as is the khaki hue, and the geometric shearling hood ties in the '70s movement even more and adds a luxe contrast to the clean lines of the coat. These two dresses have a chic, easy daytime cut, but the prints and textural detailing are so offbeat and quirky. The grey-on-grey texture of the first dress feels a little deconstructed a la Rodarte, and the sparrows look like they were burned onto the dress. It's weird, but it works. The color palette of this second dress looks a lot like fire, and the way those falling leaves are arranged they almost look like a blazing fire. The combination of the naturalistic print and the aggressive colors and composition on that girly, puffed sleeve dress is so interesting and odd that it's actually an extremely versatile piece.

Christopher Kane, Christopher Kane, Roksanda Ilincic: It looks liek Christopher Kane will never stop being fashion's wunderkind. Seriously. The Style.com review of his collection was practically incandescent, it was so glowing. But it was a fab collection, full of high-sheen black leather embroidered with flowers or colorful, star-shaped studs. It sounds kitschy, but it was pretty chic. I die for this shearling-trimmed jacket. The shearling and the cut are very '70s aviator, the black leather adds a nice amount of edge, and the floral embroidery is very Russian grandmother, but together it all works out perfectly. The dress version is a little more subtle. The contrast between the patent skirt and matte-ish top adds an interesting, almost dominatrix vibe, but the festive, almost childish bedazzling at the bodice gives it a subversive playfulness. Doesn't this Roksanda Ilincic look like something Katherine Hepburn would throw on walking around a movie set? I could do without the pants, but the contrast between the cream of the loosely cut dress and the warmer, draped fur is so minimalist chic. It's the epitome of casual glamour, just a simple dress with a very luxe fur scarf (a really easy real life styling trick).

Waxing Poetic Miniature Crest Ring, $38 at waxingpoetic.net, Antique Brass Charm, $55 at waxingpoetic.net, Crest Insignias, $38 for rose gold plated at waxingpoetic.net: On top of their adorably clever name, Waxing Poetic makes seriously adorable jewelry based on old wax seals. I have a weakness for any jewelry that looks antique or heirloom-esque, and especially anything with monograms and crests. There's something so personal and yet so quaint about them at the same time. If rings are your thing, they have a sweet, rustic looking silvery ring with a very Medieval England looking monogram crest. It's a subtle, chic everyday piece that's seriously affordable. If you like necklaces, they have a pendant version of the same crest emblem, in three different metal finishes and with monograms as well, or a more delicate, refined brass pendant. I love that these look very offbeat and expensive, but they're actually crazy affordable.

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