Friday, February 26, 2010

Milan Fashion Week Round-up #2

It's kind of a slow day guys, sorry. Waaaay too many papers to write and super gross weather here. Gah. Milan Fashion Week is the only thing cheering me up right now, and let me tell you, it's full of cheerful, sparkly things.

BE & D Genesis Bag, $1,095 at, Foley + Corinna Netting Dress, $ 410 at, Isabel Marant Dana Fringed Camo Boots, $1,160 at I just saw Olivia Palermo (on the Jak and Jil? I think) with this BE & D bag, and it's adorable in real life. It's got kind of a Dr. bag meets carpet bag structure--very business polished meets polished old lady (in a cute way, I swear). I love the contrast between the flat sheen of the bag and the rounded trim around the bag. I'm intrigued by this Foley + Corinna dress. The nude pleating/draping is very on-trend, but the black belt at the waist is a little abrupt, but then there's an exposed zipper on the back that makes me love it again. Isabel Marant is now for sale on!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE Isabel Marant. So chic. So, so chic. These boots are so hot. The subtle camo ties into the military trend, the fringe has a cute, country-western vibe, and the chain across the front gives it just enough edge.

DSquared, Blumarine, Blumarine: Not so sure about the red latex leggings or the half gloves, but the LBD itself is very savage-chic. The juxtaposition of the simple, one-shouldered cut and the giant, organic explosion of fleather floweryness is fantastic. It kind of reminds me of Rihanna, but in a very toned-down, wearable way. The Blumarine shows are always so fun to watch. They're just enthusiastic all around, with the chiffon and the leopard print, and all the embellishment. Love the combo of the Lanvin-esque draped top and the skinny, rockstar pants. It's a really nice mixture of the old and the new, and then the zebra boots. Blumarine has been doing the half-gown silhouette for a while now, and now that its finally caught on Blumarine is going to make a KILLING. I'd love this gown as a cocktail dress, but the chiffon train in the back adds a lovely touch of whimsy.

All No. 21: Alessandro Dell'Acqua evidently lost the rights to his name, so he's now designing under No. 21. I don't really understand the connection, but I love his new aesthetic. There were lots of variations on the blue button-up, caramel high-waisted mini skirt combination. I like it on its own. The color combo is really fresh and unexpected, but the combination of the tailored mini and boyish button up is so classic and so chic. That camel leather coat on top adds a nice, downtown/edgy vibe, and the subtle, feminine scalloping on the skirt balances out the button-up. I need this leopard coat. The shape is so sleek and cat-like, which fits with the print perfectly, and it almost feel like a neoprene scuba suit, especially with zipper up the side. It reminds me of the neoprene at Balenciaga two seasons ago, but redone in a seriously glam way.

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