Thursday, February 11, 2010

NY Fashion Week!

NY Fashion week! Fashion weeeeeek! It's started. I'm excited, if you couldn't tell. I love fashion week (month, really, but whatever). So much new loveliness to look at, so many new things to drool over.

Bing Bang Wing Studs, $30 at, Kate Bosworth, Alexander McQueen Retrospective: Before all the Fashion Week loveliness, just a few things I had to post. First, these earrings. They're a little '90s cheesy but also kind of amazing and I'm a sucker for anything feather/bird related. And they're $30! But they're gunmetal, not silver, so I think my newly (as in November, but still) pierced ears need a little more time to heal. Second, this picture of Kate Bosworth kills me. I don't know what it's from or who she's wearing, but the lighting, the bun, the a-line dress...she looks like a ballerina princess from a post-impressionist painting. Just standing around. Some people are just special. I mean, I've seen her in person on a random weekend without a stitch of makeup on, and she was just glowing. Le sigh. And last, but definitely not least, Alexander McQueen passed away this morning. It's reported so far that he committed suicide, and while nothing's confirmed, it is an absolute tragedy. He was one of the most innovative, daring, creative designers our time, and I sincerely think the fashion industry won't be the same without him. NY Mag posted a little retrospective of some of his post memorable works that's worth checking out.

Vena Cava, Vena Cava, Shipley & Halmos: And now for the fun stuff. There were only a few shows up on today, but I'm already getting a consistent '70s minimalism meets '90s grunge vibe--clean lines, luxe fabrics, grunge/hippie styling. I like it. It feels intuitive and yet fresh. Vena Cava was all about the '70s glam, with big fox fur collars (love), minimalist black, and luxurious fabrics and cuts. Semi-sheer black tights are still in, and anything with glam hippie or bomber references would be pitch perfect. I'm intrigued by this coat from Shipley & Halmos. It looks like a regular old khaki trench, but the storm flap and the single row of buttons are an interesting twist, as is the ankle-dusting length. It's like Burberry meets the Matrix, classic and yet a little '7os sci-fi retro.

Richard Chai Love, Lyn Devon, Acne: Richard Chai Love had the grunge styling down to a tee--the leggings, the tennis shoes, the arm warmers, the big coat. But if you look at the pieces separately, they tell a different story. The coat is very '70s, clean and military and a little Ali McGraw in Love Story (so the perfect reference for the season so far). I've never heard of Lyn Devon, but this pin-upy dress and that motorcycle jacket is flawless. The bird print (I'm 90% sure those are birds. I think), the monochromatic palette with that pop of color from the dress, the contrast of the strong belt, and that timeless column silhouette all manage to look entirely timeless and yet very modern. This Acne jacket just screams '70s to me. I think the shift of emphasis from the shoulder (very '80s) to the collar is what does it, and it has a sort of military and yet unrestrained drama to it that works perfectly against the jeggings and the fluffy platform snow boots. Not really feeling the forehead paint, but that jacket must be mine.

Kimberly Ovtiz, BCBG, BCBG: I really love it when designers can do something so interesting with such a restricted color palette. I mean, Kimberly Ovitz only has white leggings and a white sweater dress here, but it still tells a story. It's futuristic, but in a retro way, like what the future looked like on '70s TV shows, all sleek knits and body-con cuts. The slightly asymmetrical neckline and that flash of skin are what add that extra bit of modernity and just a hint of sexiness. BCBG was my favorite collection of the day hands done. What Max Azria did with long-sleeved tees and thin layers is absolutely stunning. First off, everyone needs to buy a thin, slightly sheer black long-sleeved tee to layer under all their little dresses. It adds warmth for winter/fall and simulates that long-sleeved body-con mini silhouette perfectly. The entire collection was a variation on those tee, and thin layers in different finishes/colors draped loosely around the body and anchored with a strong belt. It is very '70s, but it's also a little Rodarte (especially on the right). It's structured and strong, but also very feminine. If the rest of the season is like this, I'm already sold on Fall 2010. Minus the white tights. But we can talk about those later.

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