Thursday, February 4, 2010

Will You Be My Valentine?

Valentine's day is a tricky holiday. It's associated with so many cheesy/depressing stereotypes, and hence cheesy and depressing presents. Who really wants grocery store chocolate, red roses, or tacky lingerie? No thanks. So I rounded up a few things that I'd want for Valentine's day, which you can then sneakily leave up on your boyfriend's computer/print out and leave all over his car or something along those lines. Subtlety isn't necessary.

Tiffany Bow Earrings in sterling silver, $125 at, Vintage Oval Key Pendant, $175 at, Alphabet Disc Charm, $50 at I know Tiffanys is so expected, but...there's kind of a reason, right? I'm not talking about the toggle-heart bracelets or Elsa Peretti charms, but just some chic, classy silver pieces from Tiffanys. No hearts allowed. I think I already posted these bow earrings, but I really like them for Valentine's because they're still sweet, but less expected than a heart, and they're basic enough to wear all the time. I have this key pendant, and I wear it basically everyday and get compliments on it all the time. There's something really romantic and nostalgic about an old school key pendant, and the Tiffany ones come in a variety of shapes/sizes. And then of course you can get all deep/meaningful about what a key symbolizes, and all that jazz. I think monograms are a really cute idea for Valentine's! They're really personal, and show that you really put thought into the gift, but they're really simple and easy to wear on a daily basis.

Viv & Ingrid Diamond Posts, $41 at, Rag & Bone Superfine Scarf, $240 at, Il Labatorio del Gelato, $60 for 4 tubs at Not every guy can shell out for real diamonds on Valentine's, and I think these studs would be a great stand-in. They come in the iconic diamond shape for an epic fraction of the price, they're a little witty/cheeky, and they're actually really pretty. I know a scarf seems random, but honestly, who wouldn't want a really nice scarf for Valentine's day? Think about it. You don't have to justify paying for it, since it's in a nice neutral shade, you can snuggle with it all the time and think of whoever gave it to you. That's a win-win for everybody. So instead of chocolate, why not intensely awesome, boutique gelato? First off, I would totally keep the tubs because they're awesome and slightly chem-lab looking, and second off, it comes in flavors like maple walnut, ricotta, and tangerine. Omnomnom.

J. Crew Black Blossom Nico Skirt, $59.99 at, Tulle Blossom Art Tee, $45 at, Bonnie Vie Scarf, $55 at I really don't trust boys and picking out clothing, but I think maybe if you gave them extremely specific instructions it could work out? Possibly? I'm not saying Valentine's day is the perfect occasion to ask for a little leather jacket or a studded pair of heels, but for sweet, girly pieces I think it's really appropriate. This skirt is very on-trend, with the high-waisted mini shape, the elastic waist-band adds definition and draws the eye to your waist, and the sepia floral print is equal parts vintage and abstract. I love this tee shirt. The flowers and the tulle appliques are so ballerina meets Lanvin meets adorable. This would be the perfect piece to wear with jeans or a basic skirt, and it's actually really affordable for a Valentine's day gift. I think I've made my love for scarves very clear. The previous scarf is very winter appropriate, and I think this scarf would be a really great west coast option. It's really light, so it's easy to layer/wrap, and the delicate pink stripes are a fab combination of menswear-y and kitschy. It looks very classy and Italian to me for some reason, and I don't think you can go wrong with that vibe.

J. Crew Degrade Serafina Dress, $450 at, Only Hearts Venice Wrap Chemise, $92 at, Narcisco Rodriguez for Her EDT, $92 for 3.3 oz. at I'm really impressed with J. Crew for coming up with this dress. It looks very ready-to-wear to me. The washed-out pastel ombre, the gathered chiffon, the asymmetry, the subtlety, all of it combines in a way that screams Botticelli's Venus to me (art history nerd alert). It is expensive for J. Crew, but I do think it's worth it in terms of cost per wear, because I would live in that thing. Now, if you are going to subscribe to the lingerie for Valentine's day thing, why not go for a cute, sensible nighty instead? Something you would actually wear, not a sheer nothing with marabou trim. I absolutely love this Only Hearts chemise. The black contrasts the slight sheerness and the Grecian draping perfectly, the cut is cute but not overly revealing, and the berry-esque applique at the shoulder only adds to the Greek goddess appeal. Another really good option for Valentine's day is perfume, but not of the tacky Paris Hilton/Ed Hardy/Gucci variety, please. Go for something understated and girly, but still sexy. Narcisco Rodriguez for Her EDT is a floral, musky combination of honey flower, solar musk, orange blossom, osmanthus, amberlyn, vanilla, tactile musk, tactile woods, and vetiver. The honey and the vanilla really come through the musky base, and the flowers add a light touch. Plus, how hardcore, dominatrix girly is that bottle?

And of course, you could always just buy these for yourself and be your own Valentine. In a cute way, not a weird/dirty way.

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