Monday, August 1, 2011

Casual Pencil Skirt?

So I saw Friends with Benefits this weekend.  The highlight for me was Mila Kunis' makeup and wardrobe.  I really loved that she did a lot of cute, casual outfits around jersey pencil skirts.  As much as I wish I could be the girl in the flippy a-line skirt, a pencil skirt works a lot better for my figure.  Sometimes they can come across as stiff and formal, but dressed down with some drapery and a cute little tee like this one, they can actually be really cute.  So I put together an outfit that I'd wear in out and about that's based around a jersey pencil skirt.

Drapey Bubbled Tee, $58 at, Lily White Banded Skirt, $22 at A friend of mine has this pencil skirt.  I assumed it was like a $50 piece from Banana Republic or something, because it's a nice thick stretchy jersey, but it's $22 for Nordstrom.  Total steal!  This piece works because it has enough stretch to be comfy but not to lose its shape, the black is versatile and neutral, and the high-waisted shape is very flattering.  I'd pair it with this blue draped tee.  The softness of the tee works nicely with the clean lines of the skirt and gives it a bit of a casual, low-key twist, and the blue pops nicely against the black.

CC Skye Upper East Side Satchel, $650 at, Lauren by Ralph Lauren Astrid Gladiator Sandal, $37.49 at Then I'd add this shoulder bag.  The warm brown and textured leathers add a visual richness, but since it's brown it's still a neutral and doesn't fight with the blue top.  What I love about this bag is that it has a vintage doctor's/camera bag feel, but it's still easy to use and convenient with it's cross-body strap and zip top.  In theory I'd do heels with this outfit, but since I want it to be casual and practical, I'd do a pair of flat sandals.  These are simple and understated, but with the twisted detail they manage not to be boring.  The dark brown ties in with the bag and gives the whole ensemble a cohesive feel.

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