Friday, July 29, 2011

Cute Sundress for Less than $20?

I love weekends.  I really love three-day weekends.  I slept till 11 today.  It was beautiful.  Anyways, here are some pretty things:

Forever 21 Summer Tiki Dress, $17.80 at, Frye Kara Trapunto T-Strap, $136.80 at I picked up this dress a week or so ago at Forever 21, and I love it.  First off, it's less than $20.  That's a win in my book.  It's not the sturdiest dress in the world, but it costs less than going out to dinner, so I've accepted it.  The cut is adorable, a flattering sweetheart neckline, fitted to the waist, a-line skirt.  The print is a little on the funky/tribal side, but I think it's really fun and festive.  Plus, since the print has so many colors, it makes the dress easy to accessorize.  I like to pull out the brown in the print with a brown leather belt and a pair of brown heels like these.  It feels very summery and easygoing, but at the same time it looks very polished and chic.

 Mod Cloth Object of Confection Dress, $94.99 at Last night I was telling a friend about how I'm making pumpkin spice cupcakes today, and mentioned how I'm really a closet '50s housewife.  And then she turns to me and goes, "sweetie, you've been out of the closet on that one for a while."  So, in keeping with my repressed retro tendencies, how cute is this polka dot dress?  I love the shape, with the sweet little neckline and the slight a-line skirt.  The polka dots and layers on the skirt make it look like a little wedding cake, but the red hue keeps it from feeling to formal and bridal.

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