Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Current Cravings

I've been packing and cleaning all day today.  I hate packing and cleaning.  I really, really do.  So, to make me feel better, here are some pretty things.

Melinda Maria Gwyneth Ring, $42 at, Rachel Zoe Zoe Tote, $450 at, Rachel Zoe Pamela Satchel, $495 at How cute is that skinny ring?  It comes in turquoise and black, and it's got stones set in 18K (plated, not solid) gold.  That's pretty good for $42, no?  I love it because it's skinny and basic enough to wear every day, but the alternating stone sizes and geometric feel keep it interesting.  It would be cute and dainty with just one on the ring finger, and layered with a few other gold rings it could have a more rocker/Olsen twin vibe.  Apparently Rachel Zoe has a bag line now.  I think they're pretty cute, given the price point, even if they are a little heavy on the hardware.  I like the doctor/framed shape of this first bag.  It feels very ladylike, but all the black and the gold hardware and the little chain give it a bit of a rebellious vibe.  This would be a great work bag that transitions well to going out at night.  And how great is that shape of that tote?  It would be such a great school bag, big enough to fit some books and a laptop.  The buckles on the bottom have a bit of a biker feel, but the overall shape is simple enough to keep it all from being too busy.

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