Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Review: MUFE 23L Aqua Eyes Liner

This eyeliner has been on my wish list FOREVER.  You know how wanting something for a really long time can make you build it up in your head and then once you actually get it it's never as good as you thought it would be? Yeah.  I wanted a light, shimmery liner to put on my lower waterline to make my eyes look brighter and wider and more awake in general, and the MUFE Aqua Eyes liners are my absolute favorites.  I wear contacts and have dry eyes, so I'm always using eye drops, and these liners stay in place through all of that.  They are legitimately waterproof, last forever, and are just creamy enough not to drag but firm enough to let you create a thin, steady line.  I can't say enough good things about these liners.  Honestly.

I got the 23L liner, which Sephora describes as a metallic pink champagne.  I'd say it's a metallic peach champagne, but close enough.  Out of the light (where I could not get it to show up in my pictures for the life of me), it's slightly darker than my NW15 skin tone and shows up as a warm nude.  In the light it's a light, shimmery/metallic nude peach.  It's very pretty.  Also, I just spent a solid minute trying to scrub that swatch off my hand and failed.  This liner isn't going ANYWHERE until you want it to.  Here's the pencil itself--it's a pretty long pencil, and will probably last me about a year.

Now, here's my only issue with it.  I should have realized that since I am uber-pale, to lighten my waterline/inner eye lid lighter than it already is I need a pencil that's basically white.  This is about the same color as my lid, so it adds a little brightness and shimmer for an overall pretty effect, but it doesn't do that much lightening.  That's not the pencil's fault, it just doesn't have as much impact as I was expecting.

So, overall I'd give it an A-.  The pencil itself is fantastic, but I had to take off a few points for the low-impact effect.  I would really recommend this for slightly darker skin tones--it would be absolutely lovely.


  1. does it stay on the waterline? i'm kind of confused

  2. hi alisha! it does stay on the waterline all day. it's a very light color though and i am very pale, so i think it would show up better on someone with darker skin.

  3. hmmm. okay. thanks for the info! I've been looking for a black eyeliner that sticks on my waterline for years! Now i have hope! Thanks

  4. oh this will stay! haha i have contact lenses and use a ton of eye drops and this is the only liner i've found that sticks. the urban decay liners melted off my waterline in minutes. the MUFE ones are actually 100% waterproof. it's amazing. i have the black one too and i love it to death.



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