Thursday, April 14, 2011

Craving: UK Drugstore Beauty

So one of the reasons that I'm super psyched to go to Spain/the Schengen zone in general (too much EU reading, gah) is for the drugstore makeup/beauty products.  They have so much stuff with such better quality control/stricter manufacturing standards than we have in the US.  Also stuff that's basically just awesome.  I rounded up a few awesome sounding products that I've seen in my favorite UK beauty blogger videos.

Bioderma Crealine H20, Boots No. 7 Quick Thinking Wipes, Max Factor Aqua Lash Mascara: Apparently this Bioderma stuff is the best makeup remover ever.  It looks, smells, and feels like water but it takes off EVERYTHING with zero irritation/scrubbing. Also it just looks so happy and French and healthy.  You can actually get these Boots wipes in the US but I tend to associate anything Boots with the UK so...They're great because they take off most any makeup and they clean and tone/moisturize your skin.  So if you're lazy and you just want to go to sleep without washing your face, just use these.  Done and done.  I love Max Factor.  SO MUCH.  But it isn't sold in the US anymore, so I am totally stocking up on Max Factor Aqua Lash when I get to Europe.  It's fantastic because it's super buildable, keeps your lashes soft, and never flakes or smudges.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, Bourjois Delice Bronzing Powder, Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer: My favorite YouTube beauty guru, Pixi2Woo, uses this Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation.  It looks light with good coverage, and seems to add some healthy radiance to skin while also ifnusing some lovely vitamins and antioxidants.  So this Bourjois bronzer is shaped like a chocolate bar and chocolate scented.  Um.  Yes.  It's a lovely deep brown with subtle golden shimmer and just looks so pretty and natural on.  I struggle so much with finding good bronzers, and this may actually work on pale skin.  Apparently this concealer is super cheap and crazy effective--it stays on all day without budging.  I have dry AND oily skin and I have a lot of trouble with concealer longevity so this sounds fab.

Has anyone tried any of these?  Thoughts?

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  1. The Bourjois chocolate bronzer is one of my all-time favorites =) I should take a picture for you, even though I have the darker shade and it'd be too dark for you. It's still yummy and lovely!



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