Monday, April 11, 2011

Dressing Up...My iPhone.

I feel a little silly blogging about this, but it's so cute that I just couldn't resist.  A few days ago I mentioned I got a new case for my lil baby iPhone, and it finally came so I had to share it.

I got this case from, and let me just say right off the bat that it is expensive.  Possibly overpriced, depending on how much stock you put on things getting customized/monogrammed.  But it is darn cute.  Just to recap, the way Lipstick Shades works is that you pick your base case for your specific phone (they have a ton of adorably preppy designs for a wide variety of phones), then you pick the colors you want the design to come in, the style of the circle in the middle, the style of the monogram, and the color of the monogram.  There are a LOT of choices to make.  I was originally thinking of doing a crazy post-Baroque damask pattern, which is so me, but my roomie pointed out that I tend to get sick of busy things very quickly and that since this isn't cheap I should probably get something a little simpler.  I went with the stripes because they're very clean and classic but still young and fun.  As for the colors, I picked a vibrant medium pink for some spunk--it's the perfect bubblegum pink, bright but not neon--and the white to tone it down a bit.  I like the contrast of the pink and black a lot, and I went with the swirly monogram because I am pathetically girly at heart.  The way these monograms work is that the first letter is your first name, then it's your last name, and last is your middle name (don't ask me why, that's the classic monogram style I guess).  You can also get different styles and fonts of monograms.  I'm really happy with how this turned out.  It's sassy and cute and very me.

As for the quality of the case, it's not the sort of case that's going to save your iPhone from a five foot drop.  It's just a plastic shell, not too thin or flimsy but definitely not thick.  It clicks on in the corners, and the design comes up around the sides but not on the front.  It's a very minimalist, clean design.  The case itself is pretty glossy, which can translate to slippery if you're clumsy like me.

All in all, I'd give this an A-.  I love how it looks, but the price is a little high.  But it's so cute.  Sigh.

Also, just an FYI: later this week I hope to post reviews of Zoya Kimmy (currently wearing and loving) and Zoya Breezi, and surprise--next fall I'm studying abroad in Sevilla!  So just a heads up that I won't stop blogging from September-December, but I will be talking a lot about Sevilla (hopefully with lots of pictures) and European clothes and makeup etc etc if the internet access is as reliable as I was promised.

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