Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hat Attack!

Happy Thursday everybody!  I'm sure you're all as excited as I am that it's the weekend (although in my mind weekends start Wednesday night.  Just sayin).  As a nice little end to my week, the kind folks at Hat Attack gifted me an adorable sun hat.  They asked me for a picture of how I'd style the hat in exchange for 20% of the proceeds for that hat's sales in May being donated to the Skin Cancer Foundation?  How awesome is that?!  The particular hat they sent me isn't on the website yet but check out for some adorable summery hats.

Anyways, they gave me the choice of a few hats and I chose the sun hat because it reminds me of Jane Austen (I'm a total Austen nerd, I confess) and because it's just so darn cute.  It's a braided raffia hat with a little green silky detail around the crown and it's giant and floppy and adorable.  Now, I don't usually wear hats, so I may have had an hour long dress up session alone in my room to figure out how to wear a hat.

I ended up wearing it with a dress and a skirt.  I feel like it's such a summer hat that I wanted to wear it with summery clothes (even though it's not remotely summery outside right now).  On the left I'm wearing a vintage cardigan, necklace, and belt, an Anthropologie dress and Urban Outfitters sandals.  On the middle/right I'm wearing an ASTARS shirt and Forever 21 skirt.  This hat just makes me want to frolic around in a meadow.  At first I wasn't sure that I'd get a lot of wear out of it but I'm starting to think that during the summer it might actually be a great idea, especially to save my hair color and scalp from the sun.

What do you all think?  Are you pro or anti the floppy sun hat?

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