Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Review: Zoya Kimmy

Zoya Kimmy is the second of the two Zoya polishes I got with their last promo.  Zoya describes it as a gleaming metallic candy apple red brightened by gold sparkle.

I'm sorry that these pictures are less than awesome.  There was no sunlight today, and it doesn't seem likely that there will be any sunlight for the next few days, so I figured I may as well just post the pictures I had.  The finish is similar to Zoya's other metallic glitters, like Edyta or Valerie, an opaque base with thick, multi-hued microglitter in contrasting colors.  In Kimmy, the base color is a candy apple red and the shimmer is red and a bright gold.  From the description I was expecting more of a red with a slight hint of gold, but in any sort of direct lighting the gold really stands out.  The combination of red and gold turns this candy apple red into a reddish orange.  Really in almost any light it turns into a metallic red-orange.  That's definitely not what I was expecting, but it is pretty and flattering on my NW15 skintone.  It reminds me of fire--red, orange, gold, gleaming and shimmering metallic finish.  You can really see the gold in the bottle picture.

The application of Kimmy was standard Zoya--easy to apply, opaque in 2 coats, self-leveling and quick drying.  Since it is very heavy on the glitter, it is harder to remove than a cream polish but it also lasts longer on my nails.  One issue I have with Zoya is that it is very picky about what topcoats it works with, and it does not like Seche Vite.  That's a problem for me because I love Seche Vite and how quickly and shiny it dries.  What I do is layer I coat of a topcoat Zoya polishes do get along with, generally a random Sally Hansen, and then I do Seche Vite on top of that, and it seems to work.

Zoya is a 4-free polish (not 3-free like OPI and Essie), and the brush is a little smaller and more unwieldy than an OPI brush. 

Awkward Chic rating: A-.  I like the formula a lot, and I do like the color, although it's not what I expected.  Orange isn't really my thing, but the red and the gold twist to this one keeps it interesting and sassy, so it works for me.

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