Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Apartment Decorating AKA I Feel Old

I know I did an apartment shopping post a while ago, but I'm actually moving into an off-case apartment soon (eek!) so this is actually relevant this time.  I am so excited to decorate my room.  Y'all don't even know.  My room at home is white and Tiffany's blue, and I haven't changed a thing in it in the last 5 years, so I'm itching to do some decorating.  Here are some of the things I'm craving:

IKEA Vika Table, $169 at, Let Them Eat Cake Giclee Print, $22 at I am extremely particular about where I like to do homework.  My ideal situation is a couch but since there is no way I'm getting a couch in my room next year (probably for the best), my runner-up is a table.  I can't work at a normal desk.  They feel so constricting and studious and depressing--the same reason I can't work at the library, and I hate having those tall hutches that block out everything in front of you.  They make me claustrophobic.  So I'm going for a table, which I can do homework at, do my makeup at in the morning, watch stuff on my computer at, read a book at, etc.  Plus a table is useful for when I live in a real apartment after college!  I like this table because it's affordable, it's modern and clean without being too stark or boring, and the shelving is so convenient.  How cute is that pink print?!  I love anything with a Marie Antoinette riff, and I absolutely love quirky prints from Etsy.  I have one in my room now that says Keep Calm and Shop on.  Adorable.

PB Teen Perfume Lamp Base, $29 at, IKEA Aborg Rug, $39.99 at IKEA: I like to read in bed before I go to sleep, so a good lamp is essential.  The base of this lamp was made to look like a vintage perfume bottle.  That completely sold me.  The shape is so fun and vintage glam, but the metal showing through gives it a fun, modern twist.  I think I'd do it with a white drum shade with black trim.  The color palette for my room next year (finally living off campus!) is blush pink, black, and white.  I have wood floors but I think I want a little rug by the side of my bed to make getting out of bed in the morning easier, and this is such a fluffy rug in such a gorgeous plummy-pink.

Target Swoop Floral Armchair, $149.99 at, Coloring Book Floral Duvet Cover, $79.99 at This chair is my absolute favorite thing in this post.  I NEED TO HAVE IT.  I love anything with a baroque print in a modern color palette (hello, black and white damask), and I want a slipper/wingback chair for my table/to read in in general.  I've realized I won't sit at a table and do anything unless in the chair is comfy, and this one has the potential to be comfortable and cute.  I adore this duvet cover.  I already have one for next year but this one is so sassy, with it's randomly colored in roses.  It's a little bit modern, a little bit whimsical romantic, and a whole lot of chic.  Plus you could use it in a ton of different color palettes by playing off of one of the many colors of the roses.

What do you guys think?  Do you have as much fun room shopping as I do?  Also is anyone else watching the royal wedding tomorrow night/morning? I know I am!

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