Thursday, February 24, 2011

Today's Wants

So I was a fail blogger yesterday.  I was in the middle of writing a theory paper about transnational migration theory and then I went to sleep and completely forgot about blogging.  Fail.  But today I'm on top of it!  Here are my wants:

Pottery Barn Faux Fur Throw: Okay, so this isn't for sale anymore, but a friend of mine has it and I WANT IT.  It's a plush, suede-like material on one side and then on the other side it's a fluffy faux fur.  It's so warm and cozy, but it looks so glam and fabulous.  I want to snuggle with it.  I've tried to steal it from my friend, but she's not having it.

See by Chloe Yate Clutch, $95 at This is so cute.  I just want to hug it.  I'm not really a clutch person, but this one is so cute and well-priced that it needs to be mine.  The shape and hue are very practical and easy to wear, but the bow adds an adorable girly twist, and then the metal takes it to a rock and roll glam sort of place.

Ginger + Liz Polish in Reality Bites, Swagger, and Prima Donna, all $12 at All of the Ginger + Liz polishes are vegan and eco-friendly (yay!) and they come in the coolest colors.  No but like really.  Best colors ever.  Reality Bites is cream polish in a coral with tangerine highlights.  I love this color because it's a fun, bright, springy color but it's not glaring like a neon.  Swagger is a metallic rose gold.  I LOVE metallic polishes.  Love.  The usual gold ones are cute, but the pink twist with this one makes it so much more interesting and so much younger and more flattering.  Prima Donna is a metallic pink with lavender undertones.  I want this.  I want this a lot.  It's such a cool color!  The pinky purple is all cute and girly, and then you throw in the metallic twist and BAM it's all high fashion and quirky chic.

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  1. I really want to try the Ginger + Liz nail polishes but they are so pricey :/



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