Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today's Wants

I need to choose my classes next year based solely on which ones don't have WiFi in the classrooms.  Otherwise I need to change my major to online shopping.  Which I would be amazing at.  Here are my two favorite things I found today:

Elizabeth & James Odila Leather and Glossed-twill Bell Skirt, $465 at, Emma Cook Feather Print Silk Crepe de Chine Dress, $620 at This skirt is HOT.  I love me an a-line skirt under any circumstances, but this one is extra fab because of the built-in leather belt with all its geometric cut outs.  The sheen of the leather and the interesting texture put all the emphasis on your waist, and the flair of the a-line skirt makes your waist look tiny.  Doesn't the flower print on this dress look real?  That's why I like it.  It looks like a $1,000 dress covered in real feather, but instead it's a $600 dress that balances a vibrant, textural print with a clean, simple silhouette perfectly.  It's such a statement in and of itself.

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