Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How To: Chicify Hand-Me-Down Furniture

The one downside to living off campus next year/this summer is that I have to be a big girl and buy/find furniture, kitchen utensils, all that grown-up stuff I've never really had to worry about before.  There's no way I'm going to be able to shell out and get all my furniture at cute stores like West Elm, etc, so I've been thinking about how to spruce up hand-me-down and cheap vintage furniture to make it more fun.  Here's what I've come up with so far:
Vintage Dresser, $195 at etsy.com, Anthropologie Bauble Knob, $8 at anthropologie.com: Step 1: buy decently priced cute vintage furniture.  This is just an example.  Love the giant mirror for doing makeup in the morning though.  Step 2.  Buy adorable drawer pulls from Anthropologie.  Most of them are under $10, they come in a wide variety of colors and shapes, and they're just really, really cute.

RustOleum Painter's Touch Spray Paint: Step 3: spray paint vintage furniture shiny black.  This hides all the imperfections and gives it a modern, edgy vibe that works well with cutesy, vintage shapes.  Add the drawer pulls, and you're done!  It's a great combination of modern and vintage, fashion-forward and feminine, and it's cheap and easy.

Images via etsy.com, anthropologie.com, rustoleum.com.

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