Friday, February 25, 2011

End of Week Ramble

I don't know about all of you girls, but this week has been difficult, to say the least.  To the point where when my phone today I almost burst into tears on the subway (the ultimate in pathetic.  It's a phone.  For crying out loud--pun intended).  Oh, and on that note, should I get an iPhone or another Blackberry?  I'm so torn.

So the level of what I can handle writing about today is pretty things that I want.  Nothing revolutionary, but I think we all need a little end of week pick-me-up.

Rebecca Minkoff Navajo Studs Flame Satchel, $425 at, Ray-Ban Vagabond Sunglasses, $145 at I realize that this bag is mildly tasteless and will be completely out of fashion in like 6 months.  But I really want it.  I like the studs, I like the print, I even like the tassels.  The clean, structured shape balances out all that drama nicely, and the shoulder strap is really convenient.  How Jackie-O fabulous are those sunglasses?  I love the elongated, cat-eye shape and the retro simplicity of the tortoiseshell frame.  The shape would be flattering on a variety of faces, and they're just

Mary Green Sleeping Beauty Eye Mask, $25 at, Alice + Olivia Tie-Dye Silk-Georgette Dress, $295 at I need one of these.  So badly.  I can sleep through basically anything, but it's so hard to fall asleep when one of your roommates is cramming late for a test and has a bunch of lights on (just a hypothetical situation).  I want a glam, cute solution to having to bury my face under a pillow, and this is it.  The pale pink is adorable, but the black gives it a nice edge, and the 'sleeping beauty' thing is so sweet.  Also confidence boosting in the early morning.  For the longest time I thought this dress was plaid.  Which was really cute.  But the fact that it's tie-dye that doesn't look overly hippie-tastic or granola-y is kind of awesome.  It's like minimalist, abstract tie-dye, and that works so well with the simple cut of the dress.

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  1. Aww I'm sorry about your week :( Looking at pretty things always cheers me up! I love that Rebecca Minkoff bag, I don't think it's completely tastless ;)



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