Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How To: Rock a Fur Stole

The lovely Joeybunny asked me to do a post on how to wear a fur stole, which was ironically coincidental as literally when she asked me I was standing in front of my closet staring at a fur stole I've never managed to wear out.  First off, I have to say as a vegetarian I'm not a huge fan of the fur industry, but since this was inherited I feel like if no one wears it then the animal died for no reason (just my opinion).

So I feel like when you wear a fur stole you need to either go one of 2 directions: either go full out and wear it with a cocktail dress and heels like it was intended, or do the rock and roll glam thing and wear it with jeans and a tee.  As a college student, option B is a heck of a lot more practical, so that's what I went with.

Here I'm wearing an ASTARS tee, 7 For All Mankind Gwenevere jeans, Frye Carmen Short Boots, a vintage fur stole, and Tiffany's jewelry.  I'm also wearing a big Forever 21 necklace with an elephant face on it but for some reason it got swallowed up by the fur.

So my logic behind this outfit (yes, sadly, there was logic) was that you don't want to fight with the fur.  Clearly it's going to be the star of the outfit.  I'm not a flashy person when it comes to clothes (wearing a fur stole on campus is pretty over the top for where I go to school) so I kept the shirt in a neutral color.  I like the juxtaposition between the casual shirt and the glam stole, but they also go so well together because they drape so nicely.  I did dark jeans really because they're more flattering and because I think dark denim is a little more rock and roll than light, no?  And then I did the boots, which are terribly hard to see, my bad, because they add a casual edge to the outfit but they're sassy enough to stand up to the fur stole and not let it completely take over the outfit.  One of the things you have to accept in this situation is that you're not going to get a practical outfit out of this.  Short sleeves and fur?  Ridiculous, but cool looking in a devil-may-care sort of way.  You could probably do a long sleeved shirt here, but I don't actually own any--I have crazy neuroses about things touching my wrists--and I tried layered it over a leather jacket, but that was just too much.

What do you girls think?  Would you rock a fur stole during the day time?


  1. Aw omg I'm so flattered you did this post! your blog is one of my favorites of all time, and now I think I know exactly what to wear this weekend.

    You're the absolute best xoxo

  2. Awww I'm glad you liked it :) I love getting post suggestions! Also wearing ridiculous outfits lol. Let me know how your outfit works out :)

  3. Love it! I've been rocking some faux fur this season in the same fashion. I like it with combat boots and jeans. Where is your NYFW coverage? I always agree with your opinions ;)



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