Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On Bangs and Target and Prettiful Things

 So my Mac is doing very odd things today, and will be taking a little field trip to the Apple store on Thursday.  If I mysteriously go missing at some point this week, that's why.  I'll also be able to pick up MAC's Paint Pot in Painterly on the way, so look out for a review of that!

J. Crew Plume-print String Top, $58 at jcrew.com, J. Crew Double-chained Mesh Bracelet, $75 at jcrew.com, L'Occitane L'Aurore Peony Face Color Powder, $12 at usa.loccitane.com: I love peacock prints.  There's something so exotic and far-off feeling about peacock feathers, something so inherently regal.  They're just a naturally luxurious print, and the color palette of green/yellow/brown sounds off for a swimsuit, but totally works here.  I love the contrast of this unexpected print with the classic string bikini cut, and yes, it's expensive, but I'm pretty sure I would wear this every day for the next five summers straight.  Speaking of J. Crew, Jenna Lyons is on a serious roll.  This moldable chain cuff makes such a visual statement, and since it's moldable and has a clasp in the back, it'll be so much easier to put on than a regular cuff.  The thick chains circling it only add to the edgy, industrial feel.  So I wanted to put this L'Occitane product on the left because it just makes more sense, but Blogger won't let me.  Please pardon the J. Crew interruption.  L'Occitane is making beauty products now, and since L'Occitane makes such great skin products, I feel like their makeup has to be good.  All their beauty products have peony infused in them, which makes me ridiculously happy, and this light pink highlighters with pink shimmer sounds like a lovely summer product (plus that packaging is ADORBS).

J. Crew Jericho Hobo, $238 at jcrew.com, J. Crew Strapless Impressionist Dress, $148 at jcrew.com, J. Crew Featherweight Cashmere Stripe Boatneck Pullover, $188 at jcrew.com: And back to the J. Crew.  They're really upping the game in their bag department.  This bag is slightly military/outdoorsy vibe to it, and the way that the pockets are placed and slightly raised is slightly reminiscent of Alexander Wang, but at a much lower price point.  It hangs off the shoulder perfectly without losing too much of its shape, and the caramel hue would go perfectly with all the beige we'll be wearing next fall.  How springy/summery is this strapless dress?  The print is just so exuberant and happy, and slightly inspired by Impressionism, but really just unabashedly happy.  The contrast of the brown menswear belt really works to tone down all that giddiness, and I think with the right accessories you could totally pull this off for daytime.  I still have a thing for Breton-inspired shirts, mainly because they make me feel like an awesome French girl, and this J. Crew version comes in cashmere.  CASHMERE.  So you get super-cute French girl-ness and the coziness of cashmere at the same time.  That's a win-win-win (the Office, anyone?).

Zac Posen for Target: Zac Lipstick Tank, $16.99 at target.com, Braided Belt, $24.99 at target.com, Snap Tape Dress, $69.99 at target.com: So the Zac Posen for Target line came out two days ago, and while I haven't made it to a store to check it out yet, I've picked out my top three items based on reviews and pics that have come out so far (note: the safety-pin gown isn't on the Target website, so I haven't had a chance to look at it, but I feel like it would be in my top three).  I know this tank is cliche, but that lipstick writing is so adorable--very '80s glam.  It would be cute with little shorts or tucked into a high-waisted  skirt.  This belt might be my favorite thing.  It really looks like it costs a lot more than $25, with the mixture of textures and surfaces, the organic bow on the front, the tiny studs.  It would be the perfect counterpoint to a girly, romantic sundress.  This snap dress is so genius.  I mean, it looks great on it's own, with the snaps as a fashion statement, and the sexy cutouts in the front, but in the promo video Zac was demonstrating how you can use the snaps to customize the fit of the dress.  You can snap the sleeves to a different length, snap the skirt shorter or into a different cut.

And on a totally irrelevant but still Lea Michele got bangs...and I dislike them.  Maybe it's just how her hair is styled here, but I think that when you get this sort of front bang you need to have really thick hair that fills out the front bangs nicely.  Here her bangs look stringy and sort of awkward.  Loving the Herve Leger dress though.

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