Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Army Brat

I'm alive!!!  Watching the Madonna episode of Glee made it all better (even if you don't watch Glee, you need to watch the Madonna episode.  Just do it).  Anyways, I've got a whole bunch of randomness to share with you guys today.

MAC Superglass Collection, drops May 6th: lip glosses in order: Cherry Electric, Disco Blend, Fab Frenzy, Gift Wrap, Sugar Overload, Superflash!, Sweet Tart, Totally Bang!, Tunnel of Love.  I like how MAC keeps building off their own lip gloss accomplishments, first the Dazzleglasses, then the Dazzleglass Cremes, now the Superglasses, which I gather are insane levels of sparkly and pigmented.  My vote's for Gift Wrap, Sugar Overload, Sweet Tart, and Totally Bang!.

The MAC Pret a Papier collection just came out a few days ago, and aside from a totally covetable bronze nail polish, there's not much I thought I wanted from it.  And then I saw Tissue Weight eyeshadow.  It's the shadow on the left and the left swatch (the shadow on the right in both pics is Hey, which also just came out a few weeks ago).  Tissue Weight is a light, pink-based champagne with gold shimmer that seems like it would make the best lid color ever.  I'm really feeling warm colors on the eye right now as a way to make my hazel eyes pop (this coming from a girl whose warmest shadow is dark purple).  It's $14.50 on the MAC website.

 Fresh Bath & Shower Gels in: Citron de Vigne, $18.50 at, Sugar Lemon, $18.50 at, Fig Apricot, $18.50 at Fresh just dropped the price of their shower gels $10 a bottle, since apparently they are doing really well and want to share that happiness with all of us.  Aww.  Their body lotions also went down about $6 a bottle, I believe.  That said, these still aren't cheap, but they're a much more realistic indulgence now, and I've heard that this is a shower gel to beat all shower gels in terms of scent and lather.  Here are the scents I'd like to try: Sugar Lemon (classic Fresh, very sweet and innocent), Fig Apricot (that just sounds delicious), and Citron de Vigne, a sparkling citrus scent (perfect thing to wake you up in the morning).

I've been hearing a lot about the army trend for summer/fall, and while I totally love the idea of it, sometimes I wonder how well it's going to translate into reality.  Take this Garance Dore pic for example.  Love the look on the right, not at all convinced about the wearability of the look on the left.

Here's my attempt to make take this look from runway to realway.

 Joe's Jeans THE SHIRT Relax Fit Shirt, $98 at, Current/Elliot The Army Pants, $162 at, Frye Joy Huarache Sandals, $198 at These Current/Elliot pants are so perfect--slightly cargo-ish, in the perfect hue of military green, but the slim cut fit is totally sexy and modern.  I like them rolled up at the ankles with a pair of heels for a nice amount of contrast.  I'd pair the pants with this Joe's Jeans shirt.  The sheer white button-up has a definite safari vibe to it, which goes nicely with the military feel of the pants, and the loose silhouette up top will balance out the slimmer lines down below.  The white and olive color palette is very clean and military-inspired, but also really flattering.  I like these huarache sandals to make the look a little more casual and earthy.  The woven leather adds a craftsy touch, and the heels help keep all the fabric from overwhelming your frame.

Low Luv x Erin Wasson Steer Skull Pendant Necklace, $95 at, Rachel Leigh Greta Hinge Bracelet, $132 at, Rebecca Minkoff Python Passion Clutch, $295 at Since the basic components of the look are so basic, you can have a lot of fun with the accessories.  I'd choose a basic pendant to add a bit of sparkle to the top, and so that it doesn't detract from the simple lines of the top.  I love the skull pendant; it offers a slightly dark to contrast to all the clean, military pieces.  The bracelet will add a bit more bling without being too distracting, and looks like an antique heirloom, which goes with the slightly retro vibe of the outfit really well.  The bag is where I'd really go crazy.  I like the python print because it's neutral, so it doesn't clash with the outfit, but since it's a fun pattern it jazzes up the outfit a lot.  The shoulder-strap clutch works nicely here because a giant bag would just totally overwhelm the lines of the shirt/pants, and the thin chain strap here will drape perfectly across the shirt without detracting from it.

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