Monday, April 19, 2010

Coachella Style and Prettyness

I've spent the last two days writing two giant 7 page papers and my brain has just died.  I mean it this time, guys.  Barely functioning.  So I'm being lazy today and just posting a few street style pics and shiny things that I like.

Solange Knowles and Dita von Teese: geat examples of what not to wear to Coachella.  Solange looks like her dress was attacked by a wood chipper, and Dita looks like, well, a burlesque sailor, which I guess makes sense.

Kate Bosworth and Camilla Belle: These two girls, on the other hand, look fabulous.  I'm pretty sure Kate Bosworth is wearing Mark Fast, and layering a nude slip underneath it with those little ankle cowboy boots gives that sexy little dress the perfect downtown, casual vibe.  Camilla Belle looks chic, as always, and has a similar thing going with the delicate little floral dress and Frye (I'm pretty sure they're Frye) Engineer boots.  That contrast between the light and romantic dress and the strong, grounded boots has the perfect amount of tension for an interesting ensemble.

Frye Rosy Wedge Sandals, $248 at, Erica Klein Horse Necklace, $140 at, Erica Klein Elephant Necklace with Swarovski Crystals, $110 at These shoes need to be on my feet.  They have studs, they're wedges, they're dark purple, and they're just generally awesome, hitting that perfect balance between edgy and girly.  I've never heard of Erica Klein, but I think I love her.  She makes tons of adorable animal jewelry, like these horse and elephant necklaces.  The horse is a great riff on the equestrian, aristocratic look, and the elephant is my school mascot, so it's automatic love.

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