Wednesday, April 14, 2010

If You Like Pina Coladas...

I know I keep harping on the summer thing, but really, it's almost summer!  I'm so happy.  Except for the part about how I don't have a job yet, but I'm thinking not to think about that lalalalalalalala not thinking about it.  Anyways.  I'm generally not a huge fan of the strongly scented lotions/body products/candles, but for some reason when summer rolls around, I'm all about them.  Right now I'm really craving tropical moisturizers and shower gels--I love to layer the scents on top of each other and other perfume.

But first, here's an adorable video of Zac Posen with his Target collection.  Now I just want everything even more, which isn't helping at all.

American Eagle for Payless Regis Huarache Sandal, $22.99 at, American Eagle Huarache Sandals, $29.50 at, Frye Jacey Sandal, $148 at On another random note, I'm really feeling huaraches for summer.  I basically live in some sort of sandal for the entire summer, but flips flops can be boring and gladiators are really played out.  I think huaraches are a fun, interesting alternative.  They look unique, but familiar in a boho, world-traveler sort of way, and have an amazingly earthy vibe that would work so well with ethereal summer clothing.  Huaraches come in a variety of shapes, colors, and prices.  These AE for Payless huaraches are so affordable that it doesn't even matter if they aren't well made, and these AE huaraches come in a really fun range of colors.  I love the depth of this ruby hue, which would pop perfectly against a sundress.  If you're looking for a sturdier pair, I'd go for these Frye huaraches.  Since they're Frye, you know they'll be well-made, and again, they come in a lot of different, natural colors.

Illume Retro Tin Candles in Pineapple Cilantro, $20 at, and in Sweet Rhubarb, $ at I'm not actually allowed to burn candles in my room, which I normally wouldn't listen to but some kid across campus burned out a couple rooms about a month ago, and the entire floor flooded from the fire sprinklers, and I really like all my stuff.  So what I do is buy candles and then take the tops off and leave them open.  The smell permeates the room, albeit less strongly than it would if the candles were burning, but still.  I really like these Illume candles because the tins are so adorable that they'd actually add to the decor of your room.  They have a sweet, slightly retro feel that just makes me want to line entire shelves with them.  And then, on top of that, they come in the most amazing scents.  Pineapple Cilantro?  Yes please.  That's the perfect combination of tropical and herbal, sweet and green.  Sweet Rhubarb?  Tangy and delicious.  I think the only downside to these might be that they'd make me hungry ALL THE TIME.

Bath and Body Works Coconut Lime Verbena: Body Scrub, $15 for 10.5 oz at, Shower Gel, $10.50 at, Body Butter, $15 at So when my mom and I went to NYC for spring break, the hotel we stayed at had all Bath and Body works products in Coconut Lime Verbana in the bathroom.  Love.  Housekeeping forgot to clean our room two or three days in a room, and we finally called them about it, so every day after that we got extra baggies of these Bath and Body Works products as compensation, I guess.  I'm not complaining, I'm still using them!  This scent is one of those that I absolutely loved in high school, and then totally forgot about.  For some reason, it reminds me of Diet Coke with Lime (love).  The scent lingers for hours, and the creamy coconut is perfectly balanced by the citrusy verbana and the tangy lime.  It's basically the ideal summer scent that's not too sweet, not too cloying, and not at all generic or cliched.  Look at how giant that tub of body scrub is!  That's an amazing deal.  Their shower gel lathers really nicely, and their body butter is the best solution to abused feet or chicken-scratch elbows.  Plus, they have a buy-2-get-1-free or buy-three-get-2-free deal going on right now.  I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting on that (I think it applies to most of their scents, too!).

Victoria's Secret Sheer Fragrance Mists in Island Escape, $12 for 8.4 oz at, and Good Day Sunshine, $12 for 8.4 oz at I'll be honest, I'm generally not a body mist type of gal at all, but sometimes I just can't bring myself to wear my usual heavy perfumes during the summer.  I find myself consistently wishing for something lighter and fresher.  Victoria's Secret is always reliable for body mists, and they just came out with a new line of mists that actually sounds really nice!  No annoyingly fruity or overly floral scents here, just well-blended prettiness.  Island Escape has notes of ocean air, coconut, and sugarcane--very simple and straightforward, but it sounds like it has a lot of potential, and I love a good beachy scent in the summer.  Good Day Sunshine has notes of bright peach and blue freesia, which certainly sounds like sunshine to me.  Ever since D&G's Le Imperatrice, I've reconsidered peach as a potential fragrance.  I think I like it.  Next time I'm in Victoria's Secret I'll try a few of these out and let you guys know what I think.

I'd like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that Taylor Momsen is 16.  As in not even a legal adult, probably doesn't have a driver's license yet.  And somehow she already looks like a prostitute dressing up as Courtney Love for Halloween.  I think even Courtney would be ashamed.  I just want her parents to step in and be like, "honey, we understand that you want to express yourself, but maybe pretending to be a raccoon wearing Britney's old extensions and a back-up costume from Moulin Rouge isn't the best way to do it."

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