Monday, April 5, 2010

MAC, LUSH, Target, and Total Randomness

This post is even more all over the place than normal, I have to warn you, but I'm just so excited about all this sunshine that my brain's kind of scattered at the moment.

MAC Face and Body Foundation, $32 at, MAC Bronzing Powder in Golden and Refined Golden, $22: I just ordered this MAC foundation in N1. I'm very much a tinted moisturizer girl, and as much as I love my Kiehls TM, sometimes it just isn't enough coverage. I wanted a foundation that was very light and dewy, and also a closer match to my skintone, but something that wouldn't break me out. Makeupalley was full of raves for this MAC foundation, and since it's water-based I figured it would be moisturizing and non-pore-clogging, both major pluses. It's $32 for a GIANT bottle that will probably last me forever, and I like the hygienic squeeze top. The only issue is that the color range is way different from the normal MAC color range. Normally MAC does NW, N, or NC (neutral-warm, neutral, and neutral-cool) attached to numbers from 15-50 (15 being the lightest and 50 the darkest). I'm NW20, pale with pinky undertones. The range for this foundation is C1-C9 and N1-N9. What??? I did a little research and I think C is for yellow undertones and N is for warm undertones, but it just makes no sense. Hopefully N1 works out. Another MAC thing that I'm really excited for is the To the Beach collection for summer, which releases May 27th. The packaging is SO CUTE. These bronzers look promising for a natural glow that's not too shimmery.

Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel and Sun Rush, $18.50, Nail Lacquer in In the Buff and Scorcher, $12: I'm intrigued by the lustre drops. Pink Rebel might be a nice, warm highlight color, but Sun Rush sounds perfect for an even, sunshiney, I just got back from the Bahamas look. Note sure about the In the Buff polish, but Scorcher looks like the perfect summer pedicure color, that ideal mix between reddish-pink and orange.

Powder Blush in Hipness and Get-Away Bronze, $18.50, Lipglass in Easy Lounger, Flurry of Fun, and Splashing, $14: More adorable packaging! Hipness seems like a flattering peachy-pink, and Get-Away Bronze looks like a really awesome cheek contour color. And that little starfish is just killing me. I'm craving a peachy lipgloss for summer, and Flurry of Fun looks perfect. But I'd buy it just for the tiny seahorses, let's be honest.

High-Light Powder in Marine Life, $26, Cream Bronzer in Beach Bronze and Weekend, $25: More seahorses! I don't particularly like pink highlighters, just because I have so much pink in my skin already that I don't need any more, but the pattern on this one is just so precious. And if you like your bronzers in a cream formula, MAC hasn't forgotten about you either. Both of these seem to have shimmer, which seems weird to me for a cream bronzer, but we'll see.

So basically I want the entire collection. PROBLEM.

Sephora Brand Dry Oil in Nectarine Blossom, $7 at, LUSH Glitterbug Sparkle Bar, $6.55 at, LUSH Honey I Washed the Kids Soap, $7.95 at Since summer's struck here, I'm getting very self-conscious about shaving and moisturizing my legs. They've been cooped up under jeans and tights for the last four months or so, and I'm dying to let them see the sun (and some fake tanner, but that's besides the point). I really love the sheen that dry oils give you, and I'm lazy, so anything that I can spray on instead of rub in is good in my book. These Sephora dry oils come in a wide range of scents and for $7-10 for 5 ounces each, they're a good bargain. I'd go for Nectarine Blossom, mainly because I'm seriously craving fruit at the moment. So I've been watching a ton of YouTube beauty videos (what else is new?) and I totally in the mood to become at LUSH junkie. They have a store in my shopping area at home, but I've never really ventured in. All those giant soaps in the window and containers of mysterious liquids were a little intimidating. But I think I have a pretty good idea of the kinds of products that they sell now, and I'm dying to try out the Glitterbug Sparkle Bar, which is a massage bar filled with iridescent glitter that smells like neroli, vanilla, and rose, and the Honey I Washed the Kids soap, which is a honey/caramel-scented soap with a lather of beeswax on top. The massage bars are basically concentrated oil/body butter bars that you rub on your skin after you take a shower, and yes, my inner 5 year old is very pleased by the concept of iridescent glitter. I've heard that this soap lathers up so wonderfully and smells so convincingly like honey (aka my favorite scent of all time) that I'm already dead-set on buying it when I get home.

Cynthia Vincent for Target: Gladiator Wedges, $29.99 and Wedges in Multi-color Print, $29.99, Eugenia Kim for Target: Straw Sun Hat in Tan with Blue Trim, $19.99, Straw Fedora in Green with Black/White Trim, $16.99: There are a ton of Target collaborations at the moment, and while the clothing ones seem to be getting a ton of attention, I thought I'd highlight some of the cute accessories lines that are hitting stores soon (Cynthia Vincent and Eugenia Kim). Cynthia Vincent has a line of insanely adorable shoes, all under $30. I love the gladiator wedges, which very much resemble a pair of wedges from her actual line, and those festive printed wedges. Eugenia Kim has some sweet little hats, like this straw bonnet (so, so, so Jane Austen), and this green fedora. I generally hate fedoras and their hipster-ness, but the jaunty mint hue of this incarnation just makes it so fresh and dapper that I can't resist.

Dallin Chase Edison Pants, $225 at And now a brief interlude for the ugliest pants in the world. Seriously. What's the point? Really, what IS the point?

Gemma Feather Top, $152 at, Juicy Couture Embroidered Victorian Dress, $278 at, Gryphon The Studded Biker Jacket, $645 at And then some prettier things. I tend to get stuck in a tee/tank top rut during the summer, and I've realized it's because I own no actual blouses or cute, formalish tanks. This Gemma tank is light and flowy, perfect for summer, but the asymmetrical tiers and graphic feather print keep it from getting too hippy-dippy-trippy. Juicy Couture describes this dress as Victorian, although personally I get more of a Wild Wild West, country sort of vibe from it, but either way it's a fab sundress. Pair that with a little men's leather belt and some adorable sandals, and you're set. I don't usually go for tan leather at all, but this Gryphon jacket has me rethinking that policy. There's something so casually deconstructed about the cut, and the studded shoulders play into the traditional edginess of the leather motorcycle jacket perfectly, but the beige hue takes it in a very fashion forward, almost Celine sort of direction that makes this like no other leather jacket I've seen before.

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