Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How To: Dress for Coachella

So Blogger changed it's interface, which is kind of making me want to set my Macbook on fire right now.  If this post looks awkward, that's why.  Aaaanyways, I thought I'd do a post on what I'd wear to Coachella, since that's coming up, but it also applies to music festivals in general.  This is basically the one place where it's okay to dress like a hipster (even though I'm not a huge fan of that, but whatever). 

Rachel Pally Picnic Dress, $216 at shopbop.com, Splendid Racer Back Layer Dress, $148 at shopbop.com, J Brand Selvage Shorts, $163 at shopbop.com: This post is ridiculously out of order, and I'm sorry about that, but it literally took me an hour to get any sort of layout down.  Dresses are a really good option for events like these because they enable you to look adorable and fun, but they're also instant outfits that are very easy to wear.  There are a couple ways you can go with dresses.  Either go for something that's a big visual statement, like this Rachel Pally dress, or something softer and more romantic/summery, like this Splendid dress.  The Rachel Pally dress works on its own, and would be adorable with a bikini top underneath, and the Splendid dress has this gorgeous, ethereal vibe.  I'd wear it with the wide, brown leather belt below, just to add a masculine contrast and to cinch the dress at the middle for a more flattering shape.  If you don't do dresses, I'd go for a pair of jean shorts.  Yes, they're cliche, but they work.  They're light, but sturdy, and easy to walk around/dance party in.  I like these J Brand shorts because they don't look like those hipster, ripped up Levis shorts that everyone wears, and the cuff gives them a bit of polish.

291 Peace Birds Pocket Swing Tee, $93 at shopbop.com, Sperry Top-Sider Bahama 2-Eye, $54.95 at zappos.com, Forever 21 Antique Studded Twist Belt, $7.80 at forever21.com: With the jean shorts I'd do a flowy tank, like this one or the one below.  The tension between the soft lines of the tank and structured lines of the shorts works very well, and the tank will keep you nice and cool.  This one is really cute, in a really cliched hippie kind of way (I'm a sucker for a peace sign).  In the shoe department, I'd recommend close-toed shoes, just to keep your feet intact throughout the day.  You could always do Converse, but I think Top-Siders are a chicer, more interesting alternative.  Plus, if you're going hipster-ish with the rest of your outfit, then adding a bit of prep in on your feet will help balance things out.  This is the sort of belt I'd wear with the Splendid dress (sorry it's not up there, I really can't get these pictures to cooperate).

Lucca Couture Chiffon Tiered Dress, $58 at urbanoutfitters.com, Forever 21 Bonjour Forever Tote, $14.80 at forever21.com, Kimchi Blue Silk Ruffle Placket Top, $54 at urbanoutfitters.com, Ecote Deux Tone Twist Sandals, $28 at urbanoutfitters.com: I can't get that top and dress next to each other for the life of me.  GAH.  Whatever.  I love the idea of this dress.  It really looks like a separate tank and skirt, which makes it look like you put a lot more effort into your outfit than you actuall did, and the fluffy, tiered skirt contrasts really nicely with the slim top.  It has a really hippie-chic vibe that I'd love to see at Coachella.  I think the top would be a cute, dressier option to go with a pair of jean shorts.  It looks basic and unassuming, but it has a lot of very intricate, romantic detail, and would juxtapose perfectly with the utilitarian, boyish nature of the shorts.  As far as bags go, don't bring a nice one.  It'll just die.  Bring a roomy tote with a zipper on top (so nothing falls out or gets stolen).  This Forever 21 bag is cheap and adorable.  You won't be ashamed to be toting it around, and if it gets lost or ruined you won't be too disappointed.  Shoes are a little more complicated.  I'd recommend something like the Sperrys above, just because your feet will probably get trampled.  However, if you're really attached to the idea of wearing sandals, do something like these Ecote sandals.  The braided detail is unexpected and nautical-chic, and they're a refreshing alternative to the usual gladiator sandals or flip flops.

Forever 21 Floral Floppy Sun Hat, $10.80 at forever21.com, Forever 21 Western Chandelier Earrings, $5.80 at forever21.com, Forever 21 Elephant Love Necklace, $4.80 at forever21.com: Floppy hats are basically the best thing ever when it comes to music festivals.  Just think about it.  You get to throw something on your head that says instant chic, pretend your hair looks awesome even if it doesn't, and hide your face from the sun.  All at the same time.  If there's anytime that you're going to wear hippie-dippie hipster earrings, do it now.  I really like these.  They have the glamour of chandelier earrings, but with a little bit of a Western flair that makes them really interesting.  Plus, even if your hair's down, they instantly give you the regal-ness of a updo.  That said, I don't think this is the time to go crazy with the jewelry.  If you're doing the crazy earrings, maybe do a cute little necklace and that's it.  I picked the elephant necklace because that's my school mascot, and it's adorable in a really quirky sort of way.

I'm trying out these Amazon link things.  They let me do less typing, so I kind of already love them.  I don't like a music festival is the best place to try out your newest makeup look.  You'll probably end up wearing sunglasses most of the time and then sweating off whatever makeup you're wearing anyways.  One must is sunscreen.  It is going to be hot and sunny and sweaty, and if you're anything like me, you will end up red as a tomato.  I'm really into these stick sunscreens--they're super easy to apply, and require minimal rubbing in, and since it's a kid's formula, it won't irritate your skin or sting your eyes.  Speaking of eyes, if I was going to play up one facial feature with makeup for this, it would be eyes.  Eyeliner and mascara generally stay put even in challenging situations.  I love this Max Factor mascara (sadly discontinued), because it really is waterproof, and it layers so well.  I'd line the eyes with Urban Decay's pencil in Zero.  It's a very deep black that doesn't budge, even on your waterline.  Do a couple coats of mascara and smudge some of the liner around your eyes, and you're good to go.

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