Friday, April 16, 2010

Inspired by: The Sartorialist and Schoolgirl Skirts

One of my daily activities is always checking out the street style blogs (mainly Garance Dore and The Sartorialist) for outfit inspiration.  It's really, really easy to get stuck in a rut at college, where you can get away with wearing jeans and a tee everyday.  My latest inspiration is this look from The Sartorialist.  It combines my love of contrasting shapes and incorporates a pleated mini skirt, possibly an opportunity to revamp a school uniform piece from highschool?

Ever Stillwater Chambray Skirt, $145 at, American Apparel Tri-Blend Light Weight Raglan Pullover, $36 at, DANNIJO Edith Crystal Fringe Locket, $238 at A high-waisted, pleated khaki skirt is ideal for this look.  The shape does have inherent schoolgirl vibes, but the high-waist, soft pleats, and light hue take it more in the direction of Celine than 10th grader.  I'd tuck in a slightly oversized raglan.  The contrast of the grey and the pale beige is so chic, and the two neutral work really nicely together without being flat or boring.  The juxtaposition of shapes, the clean, geometric lines of the skirt against the soft, draping lines of the top, is perfect.  The top is masculine and casual, the skirt is girlish and formal, and together, it's the ideal balance for a chic ensemble.  I'd stay away from a ring or a bracelet, just because there's so much volume on the arms of this top and I don't want to detract from the skirt, but a simple pendant necklace adds just enough weight to the outfit.  The silver keeps it in the neutral palette, but the turquoise beads add just a pop of color.

ROSEGOLD Casey Knot Wedge Sandals, $168 at, Rebecca Minkoff Tie Dye Easy Rider Date Clutch, $375 at, Blow Hair Care Texturizing Mist, $21 at These wedges fit into the neutral color palette still, but warm it up a little.  They add visual weight to the lightness of the skirt and the volume of the top, and the twisted leather and cork give the minimalist lines and fabrics an organic twist.  I just really, really want those wedges. They're so perfect for summer!  I think a giant, slouchy hobo would ruin the lines of this look, so I'd go for a little shoulder bag.  Since the bag is so small and the outfit is so netural, you can afford to go really funky with the colors of the bag.  The blue ties in with the blue of the necklace, and the tie dye/studs/zippers keep the simple outfit from going flat.  As for the hair, I really love the rough volume that the girl in the picture is wearing.  It contrasts perfectly with the simple, polished feeling of the outfit.  I like Blow's Texturizing Mist for creating beachy waves, texture, and a little rough volume.  Spritz it on damp hair and then scrunch it through your hair with your fingers, and let air dry.

Some people are just genetically and stylistically gifted.  Camilla Belle is one of those people.  I don't think she's ever worn something I didn't like.  Just look at this Marchesa gown.  It could be unflattering and dumpy, with the greyish blue hue and high-waisted empire cut, but against her tan skin and with the cutaway hemline in the front, she looks young and incredibly polished.  I like how she keeps her jewelry and accessories simple, to let the gown itself shine.

Sense & Sensibility, $13.60 at, Alice in Wonderland, $13.60 at, Great Expectations, $13.60 at Penguin Classics like to put out versions of my favorite books covered with adorably patterned fabric, which makes me want to buy them even though I already have regular copies.  Sometimes the patterns are relevant to the time period, like the Victorian floral pattern on Sense & Sensibility, and sometimes they're quirky plays on something in the book, like the flamengos on Alice in Wonderland and the chandeliers on Great Expectations.  Aside from the fact that these are great books, they'd make a fantastic addition to anyone's bookshelf just visually.

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