Friday, January 29, 2010

Sparkles and Flowers and Kittens: Oh My!

Why yes, that was a blatant Wizard of Oz reference. I'm in the middle of sorority rush, so I'm feeling super-duper girly. So this is a post for the inner eight year old in me, who likes sparkly, lacy, kitschy things. Because I feel like every girl needs to indulge that fairy princess-loving side of her every once in a while, but without looking like she's wearing a costume.

Charlotte Tarantold Field Game Cardigan, $118 at, Floreat Grasslands Dress, $138 at, Only Hearts Dark Beauty Crinoline, $58 at I would have totally worn this cardigan when I was eight, and I would have dug it out of my dress-up bin at some point and completely fallen in love with it again. The lace and the nautical stripes sound contradictory, but somehow the lace works to soften up the hard stripes, and the slight sheerness of the lace plays into runway trends--it's the ideal combination of fresh and naive, and yet very on-trend. There's something slightly Swedish milkmaidy about this dress, but I kind of like it. The symmetric floral print, the ruffles, the sweetheart neckline; it's all very fresh faced and pigtail braids. Obviously this stands on its own, but it would be fantastic with a little leather jacket or boots for some added edge. This crinoline is my absolute favorite. First off, the sheerness, lace and lingerie vibe are so of the moment, and second off, how great would this look over a skirt? I know a crinoline is supposed to add volume under a skirt, but I'd love this over a little black or navy blue mini skirt. Very Dior, no?

J. Crew Ribbon Rainbow Necklace, $45 at, Dogwood Cocktail Ring, $65 at, Oiseau Hand Cream in Flaming June, $16 at This necklace totally looks like the kind of thing I would have made in fifth grade, except infinitely more polished and elegant. The jumble of pearls and crystals in the pendant is very casual glamour, and the pink bow on top adds a bit of girlish charm. How adorable would this be over a little white tee or a shirtdress? I had so many rings like this when I was little. Those oversized flower rings were so epic. This is like the grown-up version of a gumball machine ring, and with extra sparkles. The contrast between the pale crystals and the matte black ring is so striking, and yet almost whimsical at the same time. I love this lotion. The packaging is sweet, but not cliche or kitschy, and the scents have great names, like Flaming June and Woman in Yellow. I feel so girlie every time I use this. I have Flaming June, which has narcissus, ginger blossom, and alpine strawberry. It basically smells like a big pile of awesome, soft and floral but with a hint of tangy spice (the ginger, perhaps).

Vera Wang Lavender Label Lynette Ruffle Ballet Flats, $225 at, Gorjana Alphabet Charm Necklace, $50 at, Felix Rey Love Letter Clutch, $130 at These flats are satin, and ruched, and have a giant applique flower on the toe. That's like every 6 year old's dream shoe, but incredibly chic. The shape has a bit of a Lanvin feel to it, and the contrast between the sheen of the flower and the matte finish of the satin just makes them look so luxe. I do love statement jewelry, but it can be a little bold and overwhelming at times. For a softer, girlier look, I like really small pendant necklaces with something sweet or quirky about them. This small monogram necklace is delicate and personal, and really the kind of piece you could wear everyday. I don't think I have to explain this clutch. It's gold, and sparkly, and has XOXO and lipstick prints all over it. It looks like a 5 year old's post card, but done on a metallic clutch it has a certain mysterious, impish spunk that could liven up any basic outfit.

Hannah's Kittens, $265 for the set at This it the stuffed animal I wish I had when I was little--it's one deluxe little stuffed animal. It's a pretty small stuffed kitten, about six inches long without the tail, but it's the details that make it special. Each kitten has a name and a personality. This little white one is Violet, with her name written on her paw and a super-cute purple ribbon collar. Doesn't she look just like the kitty from Aristocats? They're made with really nice French faux fur, and feel almost softer than a real kitten. I got a sample of the leopard faux fur that they're going to be making kittens out of, and I've been petting it for about an hour. The fur is slightly shaggy and shaved around the paws and face, so it looks extra-realistic. What I really love is that the body shape and weight are crazy life-like, so it actually feels like you're holding a real kitten (minus the potential clawing and scratching). The kittens are hand-made and come in a set of three (Daisy, Violet, and Sweet Pea) and in a marabou trimmed hatbox. Vioelt is totally satisfying my need to cuddle with something tiny and fluffy, and I highly recommend these kittens to anyone with a niece or little sister with a discerning eye for stuffed animals, or for any other lonely college students missing their pets. Their website also has a ton of fun info about raising a cat and some adorable cat names, so it's worth checking out.

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Full disclosure: I was sent of a sample of a Hannah's Kitten to review, and yes, I am snuggling with it right now.

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