Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Haute Couture 2010

Super, super crazy day today (literally was not in my room between 11:30 AM and 10:oo PM gaaah) so super duper short post. But it's full of super duper pretty things, so that kind of makes up for it, right? I usually don't cover the Haute Couture shows because they're chock full of crazy and hard for me to relate to, but this year (maybe it's the economy) they were full of wearable, whimsical prettiness.

Chanel Haute Couture: Chanel Haute Couture? I mean, come on. How much do I have to say? The Lady Gaga meets Lolita wigs, the icy sheen of the tights, the futuristic shoes, and the clothes! That peach column dress is divine, and the way that embellishment grows out of the bodice is so organic and yet so glamorous at the same time, plus the draping hits that asymmetrical trend without being unflattering or bulky. That tulle concoction in the middle is the crazy love child of roses and feathers, and the excessive femininity of it is almost refreshing, especially in the pale color palette. The detailing on this first look kills me. If the jacket was plain, this look would be in the regular Chanel show, but adding all that embellishment to the jacket on top of the ruffled tier skirt pushes this into couture. The unified color palette keeps it coherent, and that brooch adds a bit of an ironic, unexpected touch.

Christian Dior
: I hate puce green, but there's something so fetching about this coat. The skinny sleeves work perfectly with the volume of the a-line skirt, and the dramatic collar adds a bit of a Dracula vibe. How adorable does Chanel Iman look in this middle pic? I keep thinking her hat is a parasol, which only makes me like it more. I can't even see all the detail here because there's so much of it, but the overall effect is frothy and sugary-sweet, but there's also something slightly saucy about in. Maybe it's the sheer sleeves and the booties. I'm having a Scarlett O'Hara moment with this last dress, but I'm kind of loving it. The skirt looks like fish scales, the bow is gigantic, and there's such a distinct separation between the bodice and the skirt that it's almost so over the top that it works. The subtle sparkle of the skirt and all that beading on the bodice is taking this to a whole over, ice princess level that I would seriously like to go to.

: Can I just say that I absolutely love the direction that Givenchy is going in? LOVE. To death. I know this first look is a little revealing, but how amazing is that Edwardian collar against that Moulin Rouge feathered mini skirt and those thigh high boots? That model is wearing a cape. A CAPE. And it looks absolutely fantastic and almost normal with the combination of the volume and the sheerness, and against the slim lines of the navy blue dress. It's very evil Queen from Snow White. This last dress is my absolute favorite, hands down. Who doesn't want that as their imaginary fairy princess dress? The ruffles on the skirt could be overwhelming, but Tisci gives them such a sculptural shape, and the heaviness of the ombre adds visual weight to all those layers. The thigh high slit balances out the dramatic girliness of the beaded bodice and sash detail at the waist, and the crazy eye makeup adds just enough edginess to it all.

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