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The Golden Globes Red Carpet: Highlights and Lowlights

I love Ricky Gervais. He is offensive and vastly innapropriate, and I always love when producers pick people like him to host awards shows (Chris Rock at the Oscars? hahaha) because you can just imagine them taking shots at every off color joke in the green room. Teehee. But Ricky Gervais aside, we need to talk about the clothes. As always, there was some good, some decents, and some very, very bad. PS: all the umbrellas? Yeah, it does rain in southern California. I'm sorry if that crushes some peoples' dreams.

The good:

Anna Kendrick in Marchesa, Jennifer Garner in Versace, Julia Roberts in vintage YSL: Marchesa is the default label for up and coming young starlets, but I can't fault Anna Kendrick for choosing this dress. It's sophisticated with it's column cut, but the ruffle and subtle pattern keep it young and fun. She looks miles away from her role in Twilight (in a very good way). I think Jennifer Garner can do no wrong (closeted Alias fan here), and this is no exception. It is extremely simple, but the fit is perfection, with the simple column and the slight train. What really makes this dress are the subtle lines running across it--they add visual interest and flatter her hourglass figure. The earrings are the perfect finishing touch. I love Julia Roberts for whipping out this vintage YSL, and being like "heck yeah I will wear this plain LBD to the Golden Globes and people are going to LIKE IT." Well, I do like it. It's very clean, it hugs her curves nicely, and while it toes on the casual side, the oversized gold necklace adds a much-needed bit of glam. Also, has she always been so blonde? It looks good!

Helen Mirren in vintage Armani, Sandra Bullock in Bottega Veneta, Ginnifer Goodwin in Vionnet: Helen Mirren shuts it down consistently by picking simple, flattering pieces like this vintage Armani. There's not much to say except that she looks fantastic. Sandra Bullock is in my second favorite look of the night. I was hoping someone would wear this sheer Bottega Veneta and I did not expect it to be Sandra Bullock, but she is pulling it off. I like that she keep the accessories simple to let the dress do the talking. If she'd piled on gaudy jewelry, the sheerness and sheen of the skirt would come across as cheap, but this way it's directional and fashion forward. Major props to Sandra's stylist. Ginnifer Goodwin is one of the girls on Big Love, and she doesn't get to wear a lot of trendy clothes on the show, so it's fun to see her on the red carpet in fun ensembles. Not a lot of people rocked shorter dresses at the Globes, and not many of those that did succeeded, but this Vionnet dress is gorgeous. The bold cobalt hue balances out the simplicity of the cut, the asymmetrical draping and neckline are very hot right now, and it manages to look flowy and be flattering at the same time.

Marion Cotillard in Christian Dior, Maggie Gyllenhaal in RM Rouland Mouret, Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta: Marion Cotillard is wearing my absolute favorite look of the night. This isn't the best picture, but it moved so, so well, with just the hint of lace peeking out from the satin in the front. The one-shoulder strap and the architectural pleating/draping is so on trend, the dark teal hue is flattering and unique, and the simple hair and strong eyeliner keep the dress from overwhelming her. Maggie Gyllenhaal makes interesting choices, but girl is fashion forward. This dress combines a lot of trends: peach (nudes, in general), asymmetry, mermaid silhouette, pleating, but it doesn't come across as overly trendy or like she's trying too hard. Lea Michele is one of the stars of Glee (I LOVE GLEE), and her wardrobe on the show consists of very twee or old ladyish pieces. So it's nice to see her in something grown-up and glam. It is a lot of black, but the textural variations with the ruffles and the pleating give it so much visual interest that it's not basic black at all. The cut is simple, but insanely flattering, and fits her like a glove. A+

Emily Blunt in Dolce & Gabbana, Anna Paquin in Stella McCartney, Rose Byrne in Lanvin: I sort of hate Emily Blunt for stealing away John Krasinski, but I also sort of love her for her role in Devil Wears Prada. Either way, I really love this Dolce & Gabbana number. The pale pink is very on-trend and doesn't wash her out, and there's a nice balance between the fitted top and the flared skirt. The subtle pleating and sweetheart neckline keep it from being a little too bland. I miss True Blood. This isn't helping. I'm loving Anna Paquin in this dress. That's a lot of sparkle, but the open neckline and center slit lighten up the heaviness of the sequins, and the black shoes add a some balance and edginess to the glam factor of the dress. This Lanvin dress is interesting. It doesn't really look like Lanvin, but I like it all this same. It has a very architectural feel to it that's nicely countered by the jewel-toned fabric and the three brooches at the hip. I really like that Rose has a similar brooch in her hair--it really ties the outfit together.

The Maybes:

Zoe Saldana in Louis Vuitton, Diane Kruger in Christian Lacroix Haute Couture, Chloe Sevigny in Valentino:
Zoe Saldana makes fantastic red carpet choices. That Star Trek press tour was flawless. I'm intrigued by this dress. It is Louis Vuitton, and I am firmly of the belief that Marc Jacobs can do no wrong, but it also looks like she whipped it together out of brothel curtains. But I don't think that bothers me. I'm torn here, but I'm leaning towards like just because she's taking a risk. Diane Kruger is in the same boat as Zoe. She makes great choices without a stylist, and she also makes really interesting, directional choices. She's snapped up some Christian Lacroix Haute Couture, which doesn't really exist anymore, so major fashion kudos. I like the balance between the organic form of the necklace and the super feminine pink. The one thing that's keeping this look out of the Love category is that it seems a little unbalanced. There's a lot going on up top, but not much going on down below. It's a little top heavy, no? You guys know that Big Love is my new favorite show (I may or may not be watching it right now), and I've always loved Chloe Sevigny as a trend-setter. Unlike most of the other bloggers, I don't hate this dress. I like she's pulling off that mauvey-lavender spectacularly, and there's something softly feminine but not overly sweet about it. I think that if the row of ruffles on the left side disappeared and there was just the one row of ruffles that it would be a lot cleaner.

January Jones in Lanvin, Tina Fey in Zac Posen,
Penelope Cruz in Giorgio Armani Prive: January Jones is one of the resident Mad Men vixens, and unlike her female costars, she tends to choose very modern pieces off-set (no '50s wiggle dresses here). I give her props for that, and I even like the black headband here. She manages to make it look grown-up and not twee. But that Lanvin's hard for me to dislike anything Lanvin, but that is a lot of ill-fitting black on a very pale girl. Maybe if it was cocktail length and there was a pop of color somewhere? Oh, Tina Fey. She makes me roll on the floor laughing every Thursday. She has awesome oozing out of her pores. This dress...not so much. From the waist up it's cute, and more interesting than her usual black, but from the waist down it's an awkward length and manages to make her look like she has love handles. If it was just below knee length and all vertically patterned (no awkward horizontal bits), maybe that would work better? With a cute belt? I just want to help her! I've loved almost everything Penelope Cruz has worn on the red carpet. Vintage Balmain? Yes, please. But for some reason, this Armani isn't doing it for me. Maybe it's the Mary Poppins umbrella/facial expression, or the awkwardly shiny ribbon banding, or the Gone with the Wind collar. Although she can rock a mermaid silhouette like nobody's business.

Elisabeth Moss in Amsale, Jenna Fischer in Halston, Christina Hendricks in Christian Siriano: I watch Mad Men. I know Elisabeth Moss has potential. She is a very cute lady. This is not cute. I can take the bangs (a definite improve over her mid-forward period bangs), but that dress is doing her no favors. The dingy pale blue is washing her out, the straps look like they're falling off (and not on purpose), and the empire waist is going to spark a ton of baby bump rumors. Jenna Fischer is one of my favorite characters on the Office, and actually surprisingly gorgeous out of the show's fluorescent lighting. This look is almost there, and much better than a lot of her red carpet attempts. The casual elegance of the silhouette works perfectly with the beading. I just wish that bodice wasn't swallowing her torso whole. It makes her waist look the same width as her hips, and girl does not deserve that. Christian Hendricks is also on Mad Men, and crazy awesome there, and I have to applaud her for wearing Christian Siriano. But that there's a lot of ruffles. Like a LOT of ruffles in an awkward semi-champagne hue. If this was in a jewel tone and a different fabric, I think I could really love it.

Carey Mulligan in Nina Ricci, Olivia Wilde in Gucci, Drew Barrymore in Atelier Versace: I love Carey Mulligan and her adorable pixie cut. I love Nina Ricci (mostly Olivier Theyskens, but still). What I don't love about this dress is what it's doing to her boobs. Girl needs a strapless bra, STAT! Aside from that, this gown has a gothic tinged elegance that really works with her English rose countenance, and somehow manages to have a long train without seeming overly formal or stuffy. Olivia Wilde makes lots of good choices. So I'm willing to forgive her this Studio 54 Gucci gown and her indecent exposure. A formfitting dress + that much chest is a little over the top, even for the red carpet. I love Drew Barrymore too! Whip It is my new favorite movie. And I could almost love this dress, but the applique tumors at the shoulder and the waist absolutely ruin it. Actually, I could take the shoulder detail, but I can't stand what's going on at the hips. It manages to be both gross-looking and unflattering.

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