Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Things I Like. And Ice Dancing.

If you're bored of just looking at things that I think are pretty, which I could totally understand, then scroll down for something epically amazing. I'm serious this time.

Miu Miu Large Stamped Patent-Leather Wallet, $510 at, Mulberry Alex Leather Leopard-Print Clutch, $695 at, Milly Tri-color Sheath Dress, $345 at How ladylike is this wallet? The blush croc and the frame structure with the teensy clasp are so elegant and chic, but the idea of having all that in a wallet is so unexpected and refreshing. It would be so fun to whip this little number out of your purse at Starbucks. And speaking of awesome tiny leather accessories, this Mulberry clutch inspired by Alexa Chung is all sorts of amazingness. 1: it's pink leopard print. 2: it's a clutch that looks like the adorable shrunken version of a real Mulberry bag. 3: it's pink leopard print. Need I say more? I'm still having a Michelle Obama moment, and this shift dress is totally satisfying my preptastic cravings and is insanely chic at the same time. The color blocking is really on-trend and flattering at the same time--the orange draws the eye straight to your waist, the black skirt makes your lower half sleeker and the white bodice helps balance out your hips to create the insta-hourglass shape. Plus the sheer panel at the neckline and low-cut back add a little extra sass.

Alexander McQueen Skull-print Silk and Wool Pashmina, $395 at, RM by Rouland Mouret Gaea Stretch-Cotton Skirt, $615 at, Mike & Chris Dresden Leather Biker Jacket, $825 at I know, I know, everyone's seen and done the Alexander McQueen skull scarf. But no one's done the purple and red Alexander McQueen skull pashmine! I'm actually being serious. I really want this. It's slightly more practical, it's a little less gothic and a lot more fun, and there's something so ironic and irreverent about it. Rouland Mouret makes stunning wardrobe staples, and this skirt is no exception. The black hue and pencil cut make this piece a total workhorse, but the silver zipper and origami pleating in the front add so much spunk and visual interest (and the pleating's only in the front, so it won't do mean things to anybody's butt). I know I post a lot of leather jackets, but this really is the ideal little leather jacket. The cut is spot-on motorcycle, with the long sleeves and slightly cropped, and the subtle gold hardware adds a little extra edge without being too in your face.

Michael Kors Stretch Wool Asymmetric Zip Dress, $1,395 at, Rogan Morita Sweatshirt, $228 at, Rogan Hale Dress, $288 at First off, I just have to say that I loved this Michael Kors collection. It was so Mad Men, but still very of the moment, exactly like this dress. The baby blue is very kitschy and retro, as is the wiggle-dress cut, but the one-shoulder and asymmetric zipper cut-out show just enough skin to be sexy without resorting to the usual low neckline or mini-dress length. Everybody knows that I love open cardigans. Well I just found an open sweatshirt. SWEATSHIRT. And it looks like a chic sweater! This is the most drop dead chic sweatshirt I've ever seen. I was inspired by all the purple on the SAG Awards red carpet when I saw this Rogan dress. It hits on the jewel tone trend, the asymmetrical draping trend, and the one-shoulder/uneven sleeves trend, and does all of that without flashy or over the top.

So let's talk about ice skating. Why? Because I am a total Winter Olympics nerd, and it's mainly because of the ice skating. Why ice skating? Because they wear CRAZY AMAZING costumes. See Exhibits A-I below.

Sasha Cohen rocking the single color palette with cutouts (very trendy), and a little ombre thrown in for fun. And then there's Sasha Cohen rocking the red mold pattern on nude background with bloodstained opera gloves. Confusing, but intriguing in a Moulin Rouge sort of way. Oh, and that couple ice dancing? Yeah, it's not about Elvis. But it really, really should be.

I assume this first couple is doing some rendition of the Wild Wild West? Because that man is wearing chaps. As a figure skater. And that second couple obviously loves Bollywood very, very much. As do I. I mean, Bollywood + ice dancing? YES PLEASE.

And oh my god, the men's costumes. This first guy is actually pretty on-trend--note the ruching, the leather shoulder appliques, and the green ribbon vest. He's got a very suave European thing going on. And then there's Johhny Weir. AKA my new favorite person. He skates to Lady Gaga and upstages Sasha Cohen and all those other divas.

I was not kidding. At all.

And he's skating to Poker Face.

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