Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Pre-Fall 2010 and Lots of Pretty Things

I love YSL. I love Kate Moss. Ergo, I love the YSL Parisienne campaign (and the actual perfume, of course). The commercial is a little on the racy side, but Kate's makeup is flawless. That smokey purple eye is insane. So is the Photoshopping. Hmm.

And it just so happens that my fav YouTube vlogger put together a video on how to get the look. I love this look. It's sexy and classic, but the pop of pink and purple makes it modern and on-trend.

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Leather Wallet with Bow Detail, $160 at, Lily and Lionel Bright Blue and Purple Leopard Scarf, 125 Euros at, Lily and Lionel London Scarf, 240 Euros at How freaking adorable is this wallet? It's like a cute overload! But not in a cheesy way at all. The bow almost looks like the Ferragamo bow, and the innate chicness of that tempers the coral-pink very nicely. For a designer wallet that's a pretty good price. I've found my favorite new scarf brand. Warning: Lily and Lionel will be dangerous for your wallet, especially with the Euro conversion rate. Their scarves are the perfect mixture of light and warm (the first one's cashmere, the second is wool-silk) which makes them the perfect layering pieces. They come in a wide range of gorgeous prints, like this pink and purple leopard print--so quirky chic--and this black and white print of London's skyline. I love how the second scarf has such an iconic, old school print, but all crumpled up it just looks a really interesting, random geometric pattern.

Stila Smudge Pot in Black, $20 at So I've been testing the black smudge pot for a few days now, and I think I love it. That picture is a little overexposed, but that's what it looks like after 10 hours of wear. It's hard too see, but the line is very crisp still, and the black is still pretty darn black. It wears a lot better than my Bobbi Brown gel liner, and seems to rub off on my browbone much less. The smudge pot has a much firmer consistency than the Bobbi Brown liner, which actually makes it a lot easier to work with. The Bobbi Brown is so much that I always pick up too much product, and with the Stila I have a lot more control. The only downside is that since it is firmer, it does drag a little more when I apply it. But on the upside, the Stila is $142.86 per oz. and the Bobbi Brown is $210 per oz, so that's a major plus.

I thought Pre-Fall 2010 was over in December, but I guess phase two has started up again. And let me just say, it's chock-full of gorgeous.

Lanvin, Lanvin, Proenza Schouler: If I had to spend my entire life in one designer, it would be Alber Envaz's Lanvin. His clothes would work on so many different girls of totally different ages and look equally fabulous. He has the casual, carefree glamour thing down to a T. Just look at the layering to textures on this first look. The pattern tights, the leopard dress, the checked coat, the piled on jewelry. It sounds crazy, but works in an Edie Beale sort of way. And I would do terrible things for that leopard dress. The cut is slightly '80s kaftan, but Alber somehow makes it drop-dead chic. I just love how there's so much draping and yet nothing is bulky or unflattering. Proenza Schouler had a fantastic Pre-Fall collection that built off their spring collection perfectly. I chose this dress because the mixture of textures is very Proenza but also very on-trend. The silhouette has the ideal balance between the short skirt but voluminous skirt and the high-necked but sleeveless bodice. I just want to steal it off the model and wear it forever. Kidding...

All Nina Ricci: I'll admit it, I seriously resistance replacing Olivier Theyskens with Peter Copping at Nina Ricci, but Peter's starting to win me over. Very, very slowly. He's managed to do deconstructed, eccentric glamour without looking like he's "heavily inspired" by Lanvin. The combination of textures in the restricted color of that first look is just genius, and the Grecian meets flapper dress underneath the coat seems simply stunning. I love the silhouette of the second look, with the embellished cigarette pants, the motorcycle jacket, and the sweater shirt. That dusty rose softens up the grey and black perfectly, and that outfit just screams "I'm Parisian and just hopped off my Vespa." Which is obviously what I aspire to look like on a daily basis. I'm mostly joking. This last dress just kills me. The cut screams Grecian goddess column, but the detailing on the top is so Parisian glamour. I think this dress could work on anyone from Angelina Jolie to Amanda Seyfried to ME! Hehe.

Giambattista Valli, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy: Speaking of Grecian glamour, hello Giambattista Valli. Like the Nina Ricci dress, it's a twist on that classic look. The dramatic red hue adds a little extra drama, the one-shouldered cut makes it very on trend, and the masculine belt balances the all-out girliness of the dress. That dress is red hot. Yes, I am feeling cheesy today. I'm not feeling the legwarmer/shoe styling of this Louis Vuitton look, but that coat is fantastic. It almost looks like a flannel button-down had a baby with a '60s coat, and would be such a refreshing alternative to my usual navy peacoats. I love every layer of this ridiculously awesome Givenchy look. It's part cupcake, part street-wear, part lingerie with those thigh-highs. The contrast between the sporty anorak and the tiered ruffle dress is spot-on, and the sliver of blue elevates the entire look from basic to perfectly pulled-together.

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