Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Burberry, Natasha Poly, and Sparklies.

My Frye boots are coming in the mail today GAAAHHH I'm so excited so I'm distracting myself from stalking the UPS guy by blogging. Apologies in advance if this post makes absolutely no sense. Also, unrelated, but I went to see the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus yesterday, so don't be surprised if an outfit inspired by that pops up in the next few days.

Urban Decay Stardust Shadow, $20 at I don't think Urban Decay's regular shadows can measure up to MAC eyeshadows, but even I'm impressed with the quality of Urban Decay's deluxe shadows (you know, the ones with the kitschy packaging?). Which is why I'm crazy excited about the release of Urban Decay's new eyeshadow. They're called Stardust shadows, and according to the Sephora website they have 40% more glitter than Urban Decay's regular shadows (OMG), and are formulated to have no fallout. You get .12 oz of product for $20, which works out to $166.67 per ounce vs. MAC's $290 per 0z, so it's a surprisingly good deal. I'm torn about the packaging--kinda awkward, but kinda futuristic awesome? Unsure. What really upsets me is that they're all sold out on the Sephora website. GRRRR. You guys know that I'm all about sparkly eyeshadows (I like me some GLITTAH), and the shades that these shadows come in have me drooling. Just look at that purple. There's a good selection of bright colors, but what I'm most interested in are Void, which is a black with silver glitter, and Diamond Dogs (I love me a good Moulin Rouge reference), a sparkly taupey-brown. I'm planning a Sephora trip just to see these little sparklies in the flesh.

MAC Eye Kohl in Blooz, $14.50 at I used this liner for our Vampire photoshoot, and I absolutely love it. I've been craving a navy blue eyeliner for a long time, and I absolutely fell in love with this one. MAC describes it as an intense blue with blue shimmer. I don't know about the shimmer, but it's the perfect combination of a pop of color and something dark enough to define the eye without being as harsh as black. The navy hue is fantastic because it makes the white of the eye look whiter, it makes the green in your eyes pop, it makes blue eyes look bluer, and it even looks good with brown eyes. It is a kohl, so it will smudge, but I've found it wears well on the upper and lower lashlines, and pretty well on the waterline. It's also the longest eye pencil I've ever seen, so it's a really, really good value.

So Emma Watson's Spring Burberry campaign just came out, and due to my love of all things Burberry and Emma Watson, I had to share some of it with you guys. I don't think it's as interesting or as unexpected as the Fall campaign, but it's still pretty and full of Burberry-related awesomeness. I'm so jealous that she can pull of my natural hair color, and girl looks fierce. Love the pastel trenches--it's a really nice way to incorporate some springy freshness into such a classic wardrobe staple. Two interesting things about this shoot: the guy on the left in the second pic is her brother (darn genetically blessed family), and their Photoshopper needs to be fired. In the first pic she's missing a significant part of her right leg, and in the third pic she is def missing part of her right hip.

Doll Parts, shot by Glen Luchford and featuring Natasha Poly. V Magazine was kind enough to send us this Natasha Poly spread from their upcoming issue. The copy says it's inspired by Courtney Love, but I'm also getting a serious Alice in Wonderland vibe from this. That Lewis Caroll fable is supposed to be a big trend for 2010 (probably due in large part to the new Tim Burton version), and it makes perfect sense. It's one part Lolita, one part dark and subversive, and just a hint of the glam rock left over from Balmania. I especially love the third pic. And can we just talk about Natasha Poly's hair? I want that haircut, the thick, whispy bangs and long layers. Perfection.

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