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Zac Posen and Jean Paul Gaultier for Target

Target likes to play games with me by releasing the Rodarte for Target look book crazy late and then releasing the Zac Posen and Jean Paul Gaultier look books early. Mean. But on the plus side, I like both of these collections way more than I thought that I would.

Jean Paul Gaultier for Target: in stores March 7th.

There's always one expensive piece, and for Jean Paul Gaultier it's this fab little motorcycle jacket. I really like the red accents--it has a very authentic bomber vibe. It's also $199, but I'm assuming that means it's real leather. The shirtdress underneath looks promising, and the tattoo leggings make me want to die. I'm really not a fan of this gingham/Converse/tiny leather glove look at all though.

Why all the Converse? Ugh. Definitely not a fan of the tiny, awkwardly cut vests, but I think these two dresses could be good. The sheer tattoo print works much better in a dress than on a pair of leggings, and the mixture of stripes and florals in the second dress is very on-trend. I can't see the swimsuit, but I like that blue top. Shoulder cutouts are very on trend right now, and that would work equally well on the beach or going out.

Here's that leather jacket again. Not entirely sure what's going on with the rest of the outfit. Hm. Again, the little leather gloves! Taylor Momsen called, and she wants her accessories back. That dress is very quirky-adorable though. I think the oddness of those disembodied eyes actually works against the simple silhouette of the LBD, and it looks like there's some quality draping/pleating going on. Again, a weird vest, but the dress underneath is pretty darn cute. I like the contrast between the floral print and the studded belt.

I'm not sure if this first look is a dress or a skirt/top, but the mixed prints are very on-trend, and I like the nautical-garden thing it's got going on. The swimsuit in the middle looks like it has potential, and I like the use of the zipper instead of buttons on the cardigan. That black/green dress is a total winner. Again, there's some tasteful pleating, the cut is spot-on, and the lace trim and green detailing give it a very lingerie vibe. This definitely doesn't look like a Target piece.

If that is a tattoo print bodysuit, I will cry. The yellow dress is cute on it's on though, just a very basic sundress. There's the moto jacket again, and I'm not feeling the red dress underneath it. There's something really awkward about the cut. Again, the tattoo print leggings! Gah. And the tiny vests. The skirt is indecently short, but if that top is separate it looks like it could be a really cute little bustier-inspired tank.

It wouldn't be Gaultier without explicit sailor references. I'm not liking any of these looks, but that sailor top would be cute at the beach, I guess.

LOVE that trench. So classic, so chic, so feminine. That would be a really great buy. And if that green dress is anything like the black and green dress above, I want it. That leather jacket isn't my personal style, but it does look well-made. I think this floral dress is my favorite piece. It actually looks very Zac Posen to me, but I love the cut, I love the aggressive floral print, and the studded belt is the perfect finishing touch.

Zac Posen for Target: in stores April 25th. Click on one of the pictures for pricing info.

I actually really like the cut of this first sweater dress, with the subtle off-the-shoulder neckline and the slight a-line bottom. It's very classic, French chic. As is this adorable tuxedo. I mean, if you want a Zac Posen tuxedo this is a fantastic way to do it. I'd buy the pieces and wear them separately--seriously love that jacket. The print on this floral dress is a little odd, but I really like it. It's very Palm Beach drama queen meets Edie Beale. It would work equally well at a formal event or on a hot summer day at the beach.

I'm sort of meh about this chambray dress. I like the idea, but the cut does not look flattering at all. This swimsuit is actually really chic (there's really subtle vertical pleating), and the vibrant hue works really well with the simple cut. The headscarf is so Grace Kelly. I actually love this last look. I'm buying that lipstick tank for sure, the pleated tuxedo pants are quite chic, and the basic black cardigan ties the whole look together nicely.

This first look is very Proenza Schouler. Sadly the top and skirt are separate, but they're super cute together. I love the top and the belt in this second look. That print is really working for me. Actually, I love all the belts in this collection. There's something very arts and craftsy about all the braided, bow-covered belts that's really fantastic against the glam clothes. Speaking of glam, LOVE this last dress. I never thought I'd love anything in zebra print, especially pink zebra pink, but the cut is so perfect, with that flippy skirt, and it absolutely screams Zac.

Okay, so this dress: complicated. That fluffy thing in Elsa Sylvan's hand is an overskirt for the black dress (it's the black version of the red on the bottom), and then there's a tie-dye tank dress underneath the strapless black dress. The black dress is very ironic prom (so Zac), but the tie-dye dress is totally up my alley. This buttonless cardigan is a little old ladyish, but that floral one-piece looks fab. This last dress is also classic Zac Posen, with the '60s meets futuristic cut. Again, these belts are fantastic.

I think these dresses are going to be a big hit. There's something for everyone. The first dress is very Mad Men, with the bow detail and the brocade fabric, the second dress has a bit more of a hipster vibe, but I'm really loving the metallic olive, surprisingly, and that last dress is on the edgier side with the grommets and cutouts. Almost a little Christopher Kane, no? It would actually be a really good buy, because it looks like it's in the $400 price range, not less than $70.

I'm sorta torn about that raincoat. It's a little Balenciaga, but also a little 4th grade art teacher. I absolutely love that metallic bikini top and that brocade skirt. Maybe not together, but in general. The metallic olive works in a bikini, but it looks a little cheap in that form fitting one-piece.

That is not a tuxedo dress. That is a tuxedo bodysuit and skirt. Yes, you read that correctly. Not entirely sure about the tuxedo bodysuit. If it's a tank top I might actually like it. Loving the red leather jacket though. Very simple, but very chic. This middle look is like secretary meets French clown. Hm. But the unrestrained John Hughes, Pretty in Pink vibe of this last dress is just so adorable, and comes out right in time for prom. Who doesn't want to wear Zac Posen to prom?

I actually like both of these collections a lot more than I thought I would. My favorite pieces are the JPG eye dress, the black and green dress, the trench, and the last floral dress. My fav pieces from Zac Posen are the long floral dress, the lipstick tank, the zebra dress, and the grommet dress. Do you guys have any early favorites?

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