Friday, January 22, 2010

Flannels: Cute or Gross?

Guys, I'm torn. Being in Boston for college (where it is COLD) and being around guys in flannels all the time has kind of made me want a flannel shirt. There's something so cozy about them. I really don't want to drop a lot of money on something so basic, but at the same time a used flannel makes the germaphobe inside me want to curl up and die. It's hard to track down a good flannel though, and even harder to style one correctly. So before I commit to one, I'm going to try to style an outfit around a flannel and see how that works so, so here goes.

J. Crew Suckered Gingham Perfect Shirt, $69.50 at, Americans Colors Two Pocket Flannel Check Shirt, $165 at, Kova & T Lee Reversible Flannel Shirt in Red Plaid, $231 at Obviously this first shirt isn't a flannel, but the gingham has a similar, if girly effect, and since it's a women's shirt, it's a little more fitted. This last two are really classic, with the red/blackish plaid. The first one is a little preppier, and the second has a bit more of a lumberjack feel. I think having the flannel a little oversized works well, especially if you roll the sleeves up. It has an "I don't care vibe" but in a sort of chic way.

J. Brand Jean Leggings, $165 at, Frye Melissa Button Boots, $298 at, Monkey & Tassel Necklace, $69.30 down from $99 at You need to balance out the volume of a flannel with slim pants, and surprise, I'd do jeggings. The blue here is dark enough that it dresses up the flannel a bit, but light enough that it adds a nice bit of neutral color to the look to balance out all the pattern up top. Jeggings also work because I'd do boots. Flip flops are too casual, heels look off-key with a flannel, and flats are a little too girly. The boots add a bit of polish to the outfit and negate the skinniness of the jeggings. I'd top it all off with a tassel necklace. You want a piece of jewelry that can stand up to the plaid/gingham print without competing with it. The tassel adds a hint of exotic flair and a little sexiness without being overly feminine (what's the point of wearing a flannel if you make it super girly?), and the touch of cheeky bling adds an ironic touch.

I'd totally wear this outfit. I just have to find an affordable, cute flannel somewhere. Any ideas girls?

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  1. You just posted my college uniform. Love it!

  2. ahahaha really? where do you get your flannels?

  3. I picked up my two favorites from Andy's Chee-Pees in NYC. I probably paid too much for them, but they fit really well and were definitely cleaned. We need to schedule our shopping trip once I get back to school!!!

  4. I want to see! Yes for sure, you aren't back yet? Long break lol



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