Thursday, January 28, 2010

Haute Couture Spring 2010 part #2

I can't wait for NY Fashion Week to start. I'm at that point where I'm compulsively checking everyday because I can never actually remember when it starts, and in all that obsessive clicking I've managed to see all the Haute Couture shows. And I've noticed some very interesting trends.

Valentino: Namely, Avatar. Yes. I know. That blue person movie. It starts off subtle with the blue eye paint/shoulder paint here, and some slight futuristic-tribal references. Although, I just have to say that this looks absolutely nothing like Valentino. I mean the little red dress is in theory, but would Valentino ever do a sheer dress printed with what looks like veins with the model's thong poking out? No. Although the shape of that red dress is a refreshingly sporty take on the asymmetric draping trend.

Jean Paul Gaultier: Here's where the Avatar references get really blatant. The hair, for starters. Don't get me wrong, I think the futuristic alien meets tribal hippie thing is very interesting, but how closely it resembles that movie I refuse to see is disturbing. I mean, this is Haute Couture from JPG himself, and he's referencing Avatar? I'm all for high-low mixing, but that seems a little overboard. That said, all those bangles against that long floral dress are really working for me, and that last dress is such an organic take on the retro ballgown. I guess this means we should all learn how to braid and invest in some blue body paint? The implications of this are PROFOUND. Not really, but I'm feeling melodramatic.

Elie Saab
: For a nice palette cleanser of pretty, here's some whimsical gorgeousness from Elie Saab's couture show. It was basically a parade of pretty chiffon and embellished gowns, but I'm not complaining. This first dress reminds me of a white Dior that Marion Cotillard wore recently, but I think I like the soft rose-nude hue of this gown even better. I don't usually call nude tones glamorous, but there's something so luxurious about wearing a dress that blends into your skintone and simultaneously makes you look like you're dripping in jewels. Very Mata Hari. This middle dress is just a burst of floating sunshine. It looks like there's a leotard-esque base under a very full skirt with a very high slit, which is a really interesting concept. It lets you get maximum movement out of the skirt without compromising any modesty. I had to put up this last dress because, one, it's Karlie Kloss, and two, I think I'm in love with the washed out, watercolor-esque floral print that's going on there. You almost can't tell that it's a floral print--it's so blown-up and the colors are so muted that it seems more like an abstract pattern, but the flowers add such a nostalgic, romantic feel to the dress.

Christian Dior, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier: Couture shows don't just have crazy clothes. They have crazy makeup too. Actually this first look isn't that crazy, just proof that the cat-eye is obviously going nowhere. That over-gelled hairstyle, on the other hand, might want to take a little trip to the shower. The uber-smokey eye look still has legs to it, as seen at Givenchy. This really did make the girls look like vampires, but that hint of icy-blue sheen at the inner-corners added just the right amount of glamour. Remind the multi-colored eyeshadow at the Derek Lam show? Evidently JPG did too. I'm not crazy about this look for real life, as it requires epic blending skills, but on the runway it adds definition and a mysterious sort of magnetism, because you can't quite figure out what's going on.

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