Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yes. Yes I did.

I realize that this may seem weird to some people, but I love Bridal Fashion Week. I love that TLC show about buying wedding dresses. I love everything about wedding dresses in general, and not because of any of the connotations. They just satisfy all my secret princessy impulses. They're big and white and fluffly and sparkly and pretty. Cue brain explosion. I know most people don't want a trendy wedding dress, but I still think keeping track of Bridal Fashion Week is important because there's always something new and interesting to look at, and sometimes wedding dresses can get a little old and stuffy (crumpled satin, I'm looking at you).

Vera Wang: I like Vera Wang this year! Usually she's all duchess satin and odd embellishments, but this year her gowns had a deconstructed romanticism that was strangely appealing. The styling of the black leather opera gloves is genius because it adds runway edge without detracting from the dress, and the explosion of white tulle against the clean lines of the skirt is just the right amount of tension. I really love the soft nude shade of this second dress. It's unexpected, but still bridal, pure, but flattering. The bow at the waist is adorable, and the combination of the Victorian over-skirt and the modern sheer fabric is perfection.

Vera Wang: I even like the black against the white (which is a definite first for me). These two are definitely statement wedding dresses, but I could see the right person making them work. The first dress is very deconstructed princess ballgown, with the falling, crumpled Cinderella skirt. The one shoulder is so on-trend, the black defines the waist so well, and I think this would make such an impact walking down the aisle. Mermaid gowns used to repulse me, but ever since Beyonce has made them her signature and actually starting working them, I kind of have a soft spot for them. They're so flattering on a curvy body, and the explosion of tulle at the skirt against the minimalism of the top adds so much drama. The artfully tied tulle at the waist is just the icing on the cake.

Temperley London, Oscar de la Renta: That Temperley London model looks so confused, which is sad because her dress is so pretty. This dress is perfect for the easy-going bohemian who wants to look girly and elegant, but doesn't want to deal with a giant ballgown. The subtle embellishment keeps it from being boring, the cut is simple but flattering, and this really is the sort of dress you could wear again. Oscar de la Renta shuts down bridal every single time. I can't even deal with this dress. It's so classic, and yet so modern at the same time. The skirt is deconstructed fairy-tale awesomeness, full without being stiff, and would move so, so well.

Reem Acra: Oh, Reem Acra. If I had to pick my favorite wedding dress designer of all time, it would be her. She does the sweetheart bodice/a-line skirt combo (my favorite--so flattering) to perfection every time. Take these two for example. The first is a more classic look, but the little bow at the waist keeps it feminine while the subtle vertical detailing as visual interest. The second dress is a little more 'out there,' but I'd wear it in a heartbeat. There's something very neo-romantic about the baroque embellishment on the bodice and little pink waistline against the simple tulle of the skirt. I just want to have a Glinda the Good Witch moment and twirl around in it.

Reem Acra, Monique Lhuillier: Here's another take on the previous vest for those girls who like to keep their shoulders covered. I die for the layered pleating on the bodice. It's so modern Grecian, and the slightly sheer layers of that skirt just look magical. There's not other way to say it. This Monique Lhuillier dress intrigues me. I've decided that I like it. It's different, off-the-shoulder sleeves are sexy in a very chic, French girl way, and the organic flow of the skirt would be mesmerizing while you danced (doesn't the detailing almost look like seaweed? In a really pretty, non-weird way).

Melissa Sweet: Melissa Sweet does the sweetest little dresses (shocker there, I know). I love the slight mermaid shape on these two gowns. I've said it before, I'll say it again: a mermaid cut emphasizes the curves that you do have, and can add curves to even the most boyish of figures. Both of these are very simple, but with a slight twist that makes them interesting. The asymmetrical draping on the first dress wraps around the body in a very flattering way, and asymmetrical draping is so hot right now, but won't look dated in a few years. The subtle lace fabric on this second dress adds so much visual depth and such an Old World feel against the modern cut. Loving the cat-eye on the models too.

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  1. Lovely gowns! I love everything bridal and have on occasion purchased bridal magazines 8 years after my wedding. :-)

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one!



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